HELP midia files make comp slow

  unbent 18:34 05 Sep 2005

i have just built a new pc, athlon 64 3500, 1 gb ram, msi k8t neo2 mobo, bfg 6600gt/oc agp graphics card...everything seems to be fine...plays games really well, plays music, but will not play any movies!! i hav power dvd, i thought that dvds would work...but the cpu fills up and comp nearly freezes its so slow, its the same with any video file weather it be usin wmp or real...comp slows right up and wont play movie!! i have no idea why my cpu fills up cos of them yet still plays games an music and functions fine for other things!!! please help

  john-232317 18:44 05 Sep 2005

Enable DMA on your DVD drive, click here scroll down 3/4 page.

  unbent 18:46 05 Sep 2005

its not the dvd drive...even if i have the file saved to the computer it wont run...

  john-232317 18:54 05 Sep 2005

Download Everest click here and check your memory ect is OK.

  john-232317 18:55 05 Sep 2005

etc even instead of ect ;-)

  unbent 18:56 05 Sep 2005

thanks for ur help:) ill try these out an get back to u...would it be ok if i emailed?

  john-232317 18:57 05 Sep 2005

Its better to post here, then if anyone has a similar problem it helps them also.

  unbent 18:59 05 Sep 2005

fair nuff...jus so difficult to get help...iv been askin round loads an no one seems to have had any idea...ur the first really helpful person:) thanks

  unbent 19:00 05 Sep 2005

ooh..i was wondering tho...seein as my games work fine...would it be the dma or ram problems??? one person seems to think it could be a problem with my cpu...seein as my first psu blew it may have damaged sumthing??? tho i fail to see how it would only stop media files workin...??

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