Help with midi files

  Sheps 23:50 05 Aug 2005

Hi ya all,
I wonder if someone would be so kind as to help me out, last nite i downloaded some midi ringtones to my mobile, i then transferred them from my mobile to my pc (my music), when i connected my sons mobile up to the pc, to load the music onto his mobile, it doesn't show that they are there. I look into my music folder and it's only showing my mp3 tone's, not the midi one's that went straight to the phone. Do i have to convert them in any way before they will show up???
Thanks in advance.
Sheps (paula)

  Napster 2005 00:08 06 Aug 2005

you have the option to save anywhere

  Sheps 00:14 06 Aug 2005

Cheers Napster,
But i've only got a datacable, i'm totally at a loss here, i just cannot find them when i have my phones plugged in, but i've just closed all applications down to do with the mobile, and hey presto their back. Some thing spooky is going on
Thanks for ya help
Shep's (paula)

  Completealias 00:38 06 Aug 2005

perhaps the phones do not support that file type?

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