Help with mid range graphic card.

  josie mayhem 12:03 16 Jan 2005

Im looking to buy a new graphic card, sadly at the moment my price range is £40 -£60 pounds.

What I would like in it, is dvi and tv out if possiable (looking to up-grade to TFT monitor in the future) main activities with the computer is video editing and graphic work, but would like to be able to do some gaming with it, so would be looking for it to cope with new games even if it ment that full setting for that game cant be used as long as it is playable?

So far, my research as come up with, sapphire radeon 9550 256mb @£54.38, sapphire radeon 9600 pro advantage 1128mb or an xfx gforce fx 5200 256 @ £50, all these are without postage charges which would also need to be concidered within my budget!

Any advice or suggestion, on a good card or where to buy very appiciated.

  howard60 13:55 16 Jan 2005

I generally get my cards from either Novatech or Dabs. 128MB in your price range.

  Starfox 15:20 16 Jan 2005

Have a look at these

click here

click here

You may find one suitable but with that budget you are going to struggle to play any decent games.Best bet may be click here Scroll down to last item, it may be just what you want click here

  Starfox 15:23 16 Jan 2005

That last link should be click here then go to last item.

  scotty 16:00 16 Jan 2005

Perhaps it is my age but I can't help feeling that graphics cards are far too overrated. Very few activities need the power of the latest cards (OK, I realise you are not looking at the latest cards with the price bracket stated). My kids are playing SIMS2 and LOTR Battle for Middle Earth on a pc with onboard graphics. My pc is 4years old and has 32MB graphics card which handles video editing, runs the aforementioned SIMS2 and handles most things I throw at it.

All that said, I have been looking at a card for the kids. It is a Sapphire radeon but the 9200SE. Available on e-buyer and gets good reviews from those who have bought it. The cards you are looking at will support the latest versions of direct x and I doubt if you will be disappointed with any of them.

I am not fully convinced about the need for dvi interface. Anything I have read suggests you will not notice much difference. TFT monitors with dvi tend to be a bit more expensive too.

  josie mayhem 16:08 16 Jan 2005

Thanks starfox

But what I think I was really looking for is, in my price range an radeon will out proform an gforce, I can forgo game playing ability, has this part was concidering son likes (but he has already got an x-box) so this part isn't really important, but the ability in the video area is, has I do a lot of editing and graphic work, and would like something to help speed/improve this area up.

For video editing work I would think Processor speed and amount of RAM would be more important than Graphics card.

Having said that however, you might benifit from sticking with ATI depending on what you use to capture video with. I have found the ATI overlays to be very compatable with Pinnacle capture devices, wheras Nvidia based cards (in my experience) have to be dumbed down driver wise.

I am using a Saphire Atlantis Pro 9600 256MB. No problem video editing or playing Doom 3 at HIGH detail - very smooth.

  josie mayhem 22:08 16 Jan 2005

thanks again all, scotty you must have tapped your post almost at the same time as me.

It looks very much I'm going the Radeon way, it's now just a case of parting with the money!!! or waiting a couple more weeks to see how much more money I might be able to convince hubby to part with, has I've already told him if I had a couple of hundred quid to spend the choose would be a lot easier.

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