Help me...Please..XP Problem!

  [DELETED] 16:02 29 Jul 2003

Could anyone please help me. I have a black screen which says Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt


I have just had it back to the tech and he had to reinstall Windows for the second time in 3 months and I was just starting to reinstall all my programs and it has died again two days after getting it back. I have attempted to get fixes from Microsoft Knowledge base but am unable to get any response from the machine. I am not an expert so am not into dos or anything like that and since I am running XP that is of no use.

I invested in an expensive system with a Gigabyte SINXP1394 Motherboard with 1 GB of ram and 2 SATA 120GB HD's in a striped raid configuration and a backup 80GB drive running P4 2.66 but have yet been able to set it up properly.

I am desperate to fix this problem so I can start to use my cable broadband... I think I may have overinvested in this machine and wasted my hard earned money. I would appreciate any advice..thanks.

Some think that it may have something to do with Raid and others with software?

  [DELETED] 16:27 29 Jul 2003

Have you got each drive on its own individual cable. I have not yet used sata but with raid you can only have one hard drive on one ide channel. Which is the same principal.

Try setting the pc to boot up with just one hard drive connected. Install XP fresh, dont try and recover/ repair it, it is faster just to wipe the hard drive and start again. Install XP into a partition about 8 GB big. Then partition the rest of the drive how you like.

Get the pc up and running. Then when all is ok. Then connect up the second hard drive. This is where you will have to change the hard drive raid settings. This is upto you now. You could have it set up so that it thinks that 2 drives are as 1 ( striped??) or set it up as mirrored so that whatever happens on the first drive happens on the second. Good for back up.

Anyway just try the above with 1 hard disk and see where you end up.


  [DELETED] 16:31 29 Jul 2003

Try re-installing XP. This should clear any errors and have your computer running smoothly.

  [DELETED] 16:40 29 Jul 2003

Thanks both for your response..will try suggestions tomorrow as it is now 1.38am in Australia and time to turn off my reliable old Win 98 6GB hard drive pc..pity the new,fancy one isn't as stable! Any other ideas will also be most welcome.

  [DELETED] 18:05 29 Jul 2003

I have XP installed into my two 120GB SATA hdd's.It was a pain in the **** getting XP installed,as if I "switched off" the additional IDE drive,I got various errors(including my BIOS clock was set wrongly!)and with it "switched on" I got a "HAL.DLL is missing/corrupt.Unable to start windows" and a few other errors.I had to alter various settings in BIOS,then reinstall XP(I went for the repair option,but it refused to co-operate,and I ended up losing my windows+several GB's of files)My thread.

click here

  [DELETED] 18:18 29 Jul 2003

I'm not at all familiar with SATA drives but I have come across this message before and it has been associated with the cables connecting the drives to the motherboard (incorrect wiring up, inserted in reverse etc). If all else fails, it might be worth a look at them.


  Rayuk 18:29 29 Jul 2003

click here;en-us;Q307545

May be of help

  Rayuk 18:31 29 Jul 2003

sorry can never get that right.
Go to Microsoft and look for Knowledge base No Q307545

  [DELETED] 18:32 29 Jul 2003
  Rayuk 18:53 29 Jul 2003

Not wishing to hijack thread but can you just refresh my memory on how to put the full url in the "click here"

  [DELETED] 18:59 29 Jul 2003

You have to format it like


(I've put a space after // to stop it turning into a click here).

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