help with a memory stick

  bigdaddy147 08:23 16 Mar 2013

i have a lg smart tv and when i put in a 4gb usb stick the film worked fine. i have bought a 64gb memory stick now and put same film on it but when plugged into tv it says file or directory damaged. is memory stick knackered or do i need to do something to it?

  wiz-king 08:31 16 Mar 2013

Look in the handbook for the TV - it may have a limit of the size of memory it can take.

  bigdaddy147 08:41 16 Mar 2013

i cant find anything in handbook but ive put memory stick in tv with it clean and formatted but it still says file or directory damaged

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:35 16 Mar 2013

I assume the memory stick works in your PC?

be careful what you have formatted it to, some machines do not like Ntfs and will only read FAT32

  bigdaddy147 11:06 16 Mar 2013

yes works in pc and formatted to fat

  Ian in Northampton 14:11 16 Mar 2013

Does your TV give you the option to format the stick? Some devices can be picky about having to format a drive themselves.

  martd7 17:55 16 Mar 2013

which make is the memory stick?

  BRYNIT 19:12 16 Mar 2013

Have you checked that you have put the Flash drive into the correct USB port.

Not knowing the model I just picked a manual from the list of smart TV's, this indicated that it should be connected to USB port 1.

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