Help with Memory up Grade

  User-D10ACB71-7AAE-4F25-A46600958416E2F6 13:12 09 Jul 2003

Please could some help i am trawling through the minfield off memory upgrade , currently have 128 rdram Pc 800 in two stick of 64 , my system is creaking as it only has 6% physical free. what is the best to buy to go to 512 or 1gb

  Cesar 13:32 09 Jul 2003

unfortunately crucial dont sell pc800.

check your motherboard manual for compatability and combinations, 1gb is probably overkill and very expensive with this type of memory, 512 should be adequate unless you are using the machine as an application server with several clients.

you will probably have to instal in pairs but you should be able to use the old 64mb modules just put the new ones in first (banks 1+2) then put the old ones back in (banks 3+4) but check your motherboard manual as dual channel rambus instalations can be a little fussy.

  citadel 18:29 09 Jul 2003

I recently added 256 pc800rd ram, it was a matched pair and came in a box as a kit of 2 128 pieces. I bought top quality and it cost £150.

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