Help me upgrade my rig!

  ChrisJansen 08:06 30 Sep 2014

Recently got a pc from a friend, its not terrible for gaming but wanted to see if i could squeeze out some more power from it to play more demanding games or get higher fps/ higher settings out of the games i do play. Its a asus essentio. amd a10 3.7-4.3 ghz, amd radeon hd8670d, RAM -8 gb ddr3, im pretty clueless when it comes to components but can i upgrade the graphics card on this? And if so is it worth it or will upgrading it just be a waste due to other components? If i can , suggestions on whats the best card for this setup would be helpful thank you!

  Jollyjohn 11:20 30 Sep 2014

First find out what the motherboard is then research it to see what it will support.

Then look at your Power supply, does this have enough power to add a high end graphics card?

  wee eddie 11:56 30 Sep 2014

I've Googled the Essentio and it's difficult to identify which Model you have or the actual size of the case.

However, if you do not have a full size Case, you may be limited to the physical size of graphics card you can install.

  rtp8™ 14:25 30 Sep 2014

This Asus A88XM-PLUS mATX might be the mobo being used in your Asus essential, Spec here.

This Asus essential could be your one, not sure about the power supply wattage but found an equivalent version with Intel chipset providing 350W Peak so I'd say your one has the same.

The Amd radeon hd8670d is an integrated graphic chip, depending on your budget you can put in a Nvidia GTX650/AMD equivalent or upwards but you might have to upgrade your power supply unit to minimum 500W.

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