Help me swap over mSATA drives

  Bailey08787 11:41 08 Apr 2014


I own a Dell XPS 15 9530 that came with Windows 8.1 pre-installed on a 32gb mSATA. It's OEM, so no windows discs

I wish to substitute the 32gb mSATA with a 240gb mSATA, but I'm not having any luck doing so.

I initially attempted to do this via the Dell Backup and Recovery system, making a recovery disc on USB and creating a system image on a 500gb usb drive. However when attempting to do this, the Dell Backup and Recovery doesn't recognise the system image / won't let me proceed.

So I next tried doing it the windows way, making a recovery disc and creating a system image. However windows then prevented me from booting / restoring the system image, saying it was a EFI (or UEFI) system image and that Windows could only restore a BIOS image.

I've also previously tried the whole process above using Paragon Disk Manager 14, but without success.

Does anybody know where I'm going wrong?


  Bailey08787 14:51 08 Apr 2014

thanks Jamie Stewart - why do they make these things so flipping hard eh?!?

thanks rdave13 - that sounds like the most painless solution - i'm going to give that a go - have just ordered this

  Bailey08787 10:02 10 Apr 2014

hi again

so i've cloned the mSATA drive, swapped them over, and all is booting okay.

However, two new issues: - 1) Its telling me Intel Rapid Start Technology is no longer enabled (and it's greyed out in the bios)

2) My 1TB HDD is no longer visible in explorer / disk manager

To provide additional context, when I cloned the original 32gb mSATA drive containing the OS, I believe it was in RAID configuration with the 1TB HDD - in fact it must have been, because the size of the cloned drive was around 150gb.

So my queries are: a) How do I get Intel Rapid Start Technology starting again b) How do I get my 1TB HDD back c) (and ideally) How do I bring the size down of the cloned drive (presumably I can just find and delete everything bar the OS files)


  Bailey08787 17:38 11 Apr 2014


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