Help me remove Alpha Antivirus

  spyhater 16:02 23 Sep 2009

My computer got infected with Alpha Antivirus, similar to this click here

There is a removal procedure that says I need to download MalwareBytes Antimalware. But the problem is I cannot download, my web browser is redirected to other website when I try to. Please help.

  birdface 16:26 23 Sep 2009

A bad site your click here not recommended to download anything from it.Maybe where you got the problem in the first place.

I can only think that getting someone else to download malwarebytes on to a disk or pen drive and try it that way.

Dr Web Curit is also another good one to try.If you can run any of your security programs in safe mode might shift it.

  johndrew 16:27 23 Sep 2009

Have you tried looking in Task Manager for any .exe file with the name of Alpha and stopping it running?

Or you could go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall from there. You may find you need to start the PC in Safe Mode to do this.

There is a manual removal method click here if you feel happy about going into the Registry. Or there is an Alpha Antivirus Remover here but I have not used it click here

  johndrew 16:32 23 Sep 2009

`A bad site your click here ..`

McAfee has no problem with it.

  birdface 16:32 23 Sep 2009

Don't any of you 2 check your websites before showing them on here.All click here's so far are bad sites and not recommended to download from.I am off to somewhere safer.

  birdface 16:34 23 Sep 2009

What about your 2 then.maybe time to get rid of McAfee.

  ambra4 17:07 23 Sep 2009


What Antivirus software are you using???

As Symantec Endpoint Protection, which cost $416 US or 254 GBP

Which combines Symantec AntiVirus™ with advanced threat prevention in a single agent

delivering unmatched defense against Malware for Laptops, Desktops and Servers, has no

problems with the sites listed above

click here

  birdface 17:24 23 Sep 2009

Not a great lover of anything of Symantec.
I go For a cheaper version of web's free.
I have A Squared pay for version and AVG Pro which helps.
But if you do not know that you are going into a bad site the rest of the security you have may not do you any good.
Does Symantec warn you off bad sites before you open them.I would not think so .But I don't know.

[has no

problems with the sites listed above]Maybe try and download something from them and it may be different.
I will move over to Firefox and download the reports from them as I cannot do it from I/Explorer.
It may be safe to look at the sites but be extra careful if you download anything.

  mfletch 17:31 23 Sep 2009

You need to download MBAM Malwarebytes Antimalware but as you cannot get on any security site to download it I’ve uploaded it the my file sharing site so you can download it .

I’ve also renamed it rabbits foot.exe so it will install. {unzip first}

click here

Install MBAM {rabbits foot.exe and update it,

Then do a quick scan,

If it will not run after the install then do this,

Go to the MBAM program folder here
C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware {double click the folder}

rename mbam.exe to rabbits foot.exe
double click on rabbits foot.exe to start MBAM.
scan.. remove detected items...once clear you can rename the executable file back to mbam.exe

  johndrew 12:22 24 Sep 2009

I am rather suspicious of your input and perhaps the software you are using. McAfee SiteAdvisor has a good and reliable reputation for checking sites as has AVG 8.5 LinkScanner; both are in operation on my PC.

For both my links the sites are given a clean bill of health click here and click here. The sort of `warnings` you provide an indication of using WOT give little detail of the reason for their rejection of the site and may even be comments posted by those involved in malware circulation.

Thank you for the offer but I shall stay with those that are prepared to validate their findings.

  ltingle 14:44 29 Sep 2009

I am a computer consultant do ALOT of malware removal. I can say from first hand experience that all of the sites listed above:

click here
click here
click here

are just trying to scam you out of money and rarely offer good advice.

The only site that consistently offers good advice on removing these rogues is Sometimes their guides dont work, but when they dont and are told, they will update the guides to fix the problem.

My client just got hit with Alpha Antivirus and was able to fix it from the instructions here:

click here

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