help me plese

  [DELETED] 13:28 21 Dec 2003

I have two hard drives and two cdrom drives and my system is,
os xp
512 ram
amd processor 2.6
I recently had to reinstall xp and now when I go to "my computer" I can only see one hard drive which is the main drive "C" where is the other.
the two hard drives were originally C & D and
CD ROMS E & F now I am left with hard drive C &
CD ROMS D & E with of course floppy drive A,
I know the missing hard drive which was D is still on the system The question is how can I get it back to "my computer" to use.
Can someone help me please?

  [DELETED] 13:30 21 Dec 2003

Is the second hard drive seen in the bios?

  powerless 13:31 21 Dec 2003

Click Start, Run and type:


Click OK.

Now next to "Disk 0" do you see one or two rectangles?

  powerless 13:31 21 Dec 2003

Sorry "Disk 1" and one rectangle.

  powerless 16:36 21 Dec 2003

next to disk 1 one rectangle and in main panel drive size, fat32,no harddrive letter this is the harddrive thats missing from "my computer" screen.


What is on this disk; anything important?

  [DELETED] 16:59 21 Dec 2003

In bios cmos main screen,
C harddrive is primary master
missing harddrive no letter is primary slave.
In advanced bios features,
first boot device is cdrom,
second " " " hdd0,
third " " " hdd1,
boot other enabled
boot floppy enabled
I hope this is what you are looking for and that you can help.

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