Help me Please.....HDD wiped, Now confused.

  Speakersrock 19:58 15 Nov 2006

Hi, After a long line of computer problems i decided to completely wipe my hard drive with Pargon disk wiper 7.0 which I did successfully.

I though I read somewhere that once your disk Is wiped, Just stick the OS Setup disk in and install a fresh copy. (In my case I am trying to setup win 2000 pro.)

I put the CD in but it does not do anything, It just says;

Boot Disk failure, Insert system disk and press enter. I have checked in the BIOS to see the boot sequence (It was set to CDROM first.) I don;t know what I should do now, Please can someone advise me??

Thanks very much.

  Bogbrain 20:09 15 Nov 2006

You need to re-format the disk first before reloading an operating system or at least I think you do. By the sounds of it you're just expecting to load Win 2000 unto an unformated hard drive.

  Legolas 20:15 15 Nov 2006

I am not sure how Pargon disk wiper 7.0 works but it might have erased your partitions
you might have to use a boot up floppy to boot up and create a primary partition. click here
I might be barking up the wrong tree but its worth a try.

  brundle 20:19 15 Nov 2006

The OS CD should be self-booting, the setup program will partition and format the drive for you. If you have a spare PC, download Nero Infotool (click here) and check the disc - if it does not show as being a bootable CD you will need to create Windows 2000 boot floppy disks, which can be done using the CD; click here

  Technotiger 20:25 15 Nov 2006

Hi, in case it helps, this is how Paragon works -

click here


  Speakersrock 20:13 17 Nov 2006

I have now tried all surgestions, (Thanks for all by the way) But as uswall with my luck, I have had no sucsess.

Any more surgestions please???

Thanks v. Much

  Iron Maiden 21:10 17 Nov 2006

Maybe a daft question ?
You are booting up with the cd in the drive & not putting in after the boot failure, also if you have more than one dvd/cd drive try it in the other. As brundle says the OS cd should do it all for you. regardless of what state your hard drive is in
(by state i mean formated/unformated)

  lotvic 21:40 17 Nov 2006

step by step with pictures, Windowsreinstall click here

  lotvic 21:50 17 Nov 2006

""The OS CD should be self-booting""
No, you have to 'press any key' (that means press the spacebar) after bios has finished checking stuff. You have to catch it at just the right time or you've missed it.... and then you'll have to reboot and try again.

  ed-0 22:17 17 Nov 2006

It may be that the cdrom drive is not having enough time to spin up. Select the first boot as floppy and second boot as cd rom drive. There is no need to format or partition prior to install, 2000 will do all of that for you.

Also as lotvic has mentioned. Windows 2000 loads in the same way as XP, you need to press a key to start the installation.

  Legolas 08:28 18 Nov 2006

Speakersrock this is a bit of a longshot but I recently read of someone with the same problem solving it by replacing the motherboard battery as I say a bit of a longshot but if all else fails....

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