Help me please!! AOL trouble.

  Paula Michelle 21:38 04 Apr 2005

I have an ongoing argument with AOL.

After being on 512mbps (Gold) for two months they today emailed me to say I was being "upgraded" to 512mbps!!

I regularly use broadband speed test to check my speed if it is slow. Up until yesterday it was always around the 480-500 mark.

When I asked AOL what they were doing today they said I had been on Silver (256mbps) and was now being upgraded free of charge to the new Silver package of 512kbps.
After I pointed out I had been charged for gold for two months they offered to refund the £14 as though I had been on a 256kbps connection. I told them I just wanted to stay on Gold and get the new 1mbps connection.

Now my connection is right down to 233kbps on average and their technical guy tells me I'm on 512 and that "I don't trust all those speed measurement pages". When I got him to witness a file download he couldn't work out that the transfer rate at 30Kb/min was far too slow for a 512 connection.

Please, what should I do?

  gudgulf 22:02 04 Apr 2005

When you log on to AOL what package does it say you are connected to on the Welcome screen? It should tell you if it's connecting to the Gold or Silver package.

  Paula Michelle 22:10 04 Apr 2005

I can't see that. I'm on aol8 not aol9.

  pj123 22:23 04 Apr 2005

Doesn't tell me what package I have. It just says

Welcome (and my screen name)

  gudgulf 22:26 04 Apr 2005 would let you see at a glance what service you were actually getting.I would keep phoning them until you speak to someone who knows what they are talking about....after all the helpline is free.Or try posting your problem on the online help "technical support" if you haven't already done this.......complain about slow connection speeds on your Gold account to a live technician.See what they say!

  Paula Michelle 22:35 04 Apr 2005

Have done both of those, and have been at it all day. In fact I have just managed to deduce the answer.........

First I am on Silver and upgrade to Gold within a couple of days of joining AOL.
I get the service, and I get charged the going rate of £24.99 but somewhere in AOL it says I am on silver. So today, after two months of enjoying downloads of around 59kbytes a sec I am expecting an upgrade of double that and get nothing.
When I complain they say i am on Silver and will get a refund of two months at £7 = £14 and would I like to upgrade to Gold? (Which I am already on it fact)
Then, when I agree, they DOWNGRADE ME to 256kbps and now I'm on HALF of what I was yesterday. I will get 1mb sec in around ten days time as part of my Gold upgrade. In the meantime I'm slumming it on 230kbps as a Silver broadband user without a speed upgrade.

  Paula Michelle 22:40 04 Apr 2005

Oh and by the way, you can't leave AOL, you cannot argue with them, you are bound to them for the duration and if you try to leave AOL your bank will not allow you to stop the payments.

  gudgulf 22:47 04 Apr 2005

Thing is I have only just signed up with them(I have young children and the range of services included makes it the best choice for me) and done exactly the same as you..but my experience is a little different.I bought one of the boxed packs from Dixons which had a Broadband Silver connection package.When the line was activated I had a couple of glitches with the set-up------probably because the line was active a few days before I got formal notification from AOL and I thought why not give it a try.......told me I was on an "anytime" connection and let me have a couple of days at 2mb instead of 512kb!!.Anyway when it was sorted to the Silver package I had a few little glitches but these were sorted very efficiently.Having seen what a 2mb connection was like I also immediately upgraded to gold and that went without a hitch.

Mind you I haven't seen a bill yet,lol.Hope you get sorted out.

  GroupFC 22:49 04 Apr 2005

Your obviously feeling very aggrieved (which I understand), but your bank cannot refuse your instructions to stop any payment that you wish to stop.

  Paula Michelle 22:51 04 Apr 2005

Believe me, they have the best intentions and they try hard. Just don't switch around too much or do anything that a slow witted chimp would find confusing and you'll get along with them just fine.
I have a list of horror anecdotes concerning their online live help bods.....but I will keep them to myself.

  Paula Michelle 22:55 04 Apr 2005

Oh how wrong you are, my friend!
I was almost in tears today as a woman in the disputes section of Lloyds TSB told me in no uncertain terms that under no circumstances could I back out of any agreement with AOL and that my debit card was my guarantee of payment as per a legal agreement and that even if my account was empty they would give the money to AOL and then charge me for going over. She was deffo on their side, make no mistake.

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