Help Me Please

  shandy4eminem 21:32 31 Dec 2003

can someone please help me ive just got another computer second hand from ebay the board works when loading up computer fom dos it recognises my dvd player but in windows it recognises it as a 5 1/4 floppy i tried a different cd rom does the same it also wont recognise my floppy drive ive checked the bios and everything is as it should be i took floppy out ive not selected floppy in bios but still reading floppy tried the dvd on another computer that works ok any help will be much appreciated.ive emailed the user i got it from ebay but not recieved an email yet.

  [email protected]@m 21:40 31 Dec 2003

Good title! :-) Haven't a clue what you are on about.

  Joe McG 21:52 31 Dec 2003

it sounds to me like the mobo on your system, has bios too old torcognise the dvd-rom.

All you can do is try to flash a bios update, or get a new mobo.

  Joe McG 21:53 31 Dec 2003

"too old to recognise"

  shandy4eminem 21:58 31 Dec 2003

The board is AMD K6^2 475 Mhz so i dont think it is that old and how do i flash bios and back up old bios

  wee eddie 22:15 31 Dec 2003

You haven't mentioned OS or spec in any way.

Tell us what you got!

An element of punctuation would make you thread easier to understand as well.

  christmascracker 22:39 31 Dec 2003

They are a great bunch on this forum and even though it may take a while someone will be along that will be able to help.

Happy New Year to you

  DieSse 00:27 01 Jan 2004

Try removing the floppy drives and CD drives from Device Manager - then restarting the system - and see if they are detected correctly this time around.

Failing that, try re-installing Windows. I presume you have the original Windows CD with the system, otherwise the system has possibly been sold to you with an illegal copy of Windows.

Not many boards that have 475mhz AMD i think would recopgnise the DVD drive....

More info on the board and even what biuos version you have would help as it may be a case that you need to update the bios in order to recognise it.

  DieSse 11:20 01 Jan 2004

The BIOS won't care if it's a DVD or a CD - I've never met one yet that did.

  bugzy-no1 13:57 01 Jan 2004

the problbility that you may have jumpers incorectley set on one ide cable ie 2 masters or 2 slaves ,then there is a driver that reconises your cd roms it is a adaptic aspi driver .
but the 430 amd prossesor may not let you watch any dvd as it is to slow and cannot keep up with the faster prosessors ,
the motherboard usualy have there name on them so you can try and obtain the site of the manufactior to see what is still around ,
flashing your motherboard can be very dangerous if you have not got a scoobie (if it works leave it ).i hope it helps a bit happy new year bugzy_no1

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