Help me organize my music please!

  hawthorn59 03:48 06 Jan 2010

Hi folks

My music collection is a bit of a mess!I use WMP 11. The problem is I cant at-a-glance see all my collection...I think! I probably have duplicate tracks; same tracks from different albums; tracks that wont play because of DRM; and even a folder of converted tracks with a programme that either converted m4a to mp3, or else took away the DRM, I cant even remember which!

Where is the music actually stored? I can find 2 locations; C-Users-myname-music-music etc and
Desktop-myname-music-music etc

The contents of both locations are identical. If I r click on a track in WMP and go properties its the first location; but if I click open file location its the 2nd location! Which is the actual one??

Also I have a messy list of folders, some tracks in the wrong folders etc. If I move them around to the desired folders (in the location) will that change follow through in WMP ? They seem to be listed differently anyway.

Finally to complicate matters more I will want to move them all to a new laptop shortly. Is it a case of copying the "Music" folder from the location to usb drive and dropping it in to the new location on new laptop? This will also probably cause more DRM issues!

Sorry for the wandering post!


  mole44 05:54 06 Jan 2010

try iTunes you can save all your MP3 to it and hey presto sorted.

  jellyhead 11:59 06 Jan 2010

I have used the free MediaMonkey for a while now, there is a free and payed for version you may find it to your liking.
click here

  Pineman100 14:31 06 Jan 2010

If you have a shortcut to your music folder on your desktop, then I suspect that you're probably just looking at the same music folder from two different routes. Try renaming a file in one of the folders, and then see whether it appears under the new name in the other one. That will clinch it.

I'm no expert on DRM, but from a simple data file point-of-view, then yes, you should just be able to copy all the music from the Music folder on your old computer to the same location on your new one (via a USB drive, external hard drive, DVD's or a crossover cable).

  peter99co 15:37 06 Jan 2010

I agree with jellyhead and use of free version of MediaMonkey it is very good. I retain Windows Media Player 11 to rip only. Seems better at track info finding?

  hawthorn59 03:17 07 Jan 2010

Thanks everyone.

I tried itunes and I think it nade duplicate copies of everything I imported so I uninstalled it.

I did try Media Monkey a while ago but there was something very basic that it didnt do in the free edition.....I cant remember what it was. Maybe that has changed.


  Joseph Kerr 11:11 07 Jan 2010

I think ineman may be right. I find WMP a pretty good organiser. In fact im the opposite of peter99co as i wont rip with it.

I think it may help if you took the bull by the horns and had a good look around to find all your files, ascertain what they are, and deleye any unwanted duplicates. There may, however, be duplicates you want to keep, and these will still show up in any library, as far as i know (tho it should be possible to look in the library and find which copy of the track is whitch).

  hawthorn59 11:24 07 Jan 2010

I think you may be right! Also I think I remember that Media Monkey would only rip to mp3 for a limited time.....

thanks all


  Joseph Kerr 18:11 07 Jan 2010

for rippers, have a look at EAC, Ripstatioon Micro DS, and DbPoweramp. The first 2 are free, the third isnt but i forget the price. The second and third are capable of ripping one lossless and one lossy format at the same time too. They take varying degrees of effort to set up, but there are one or 2 good guides on the net to EAC, and advice can be found on the others from various places, maybe even here.

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