help me! im at my wits end!

  Ramification 20:26 19 Oct 2003

hi, ive just removed the QHOST virus that changes dns settings from my pc and now i cannot get the google page to display or any other search engines. i can type in an address and go straight to that page but not google/yahoo etc. pleaaaase help me! ive deleted all my cookies, run virus checker several times, deleted a line in the HOST file that said 127.000.0 click here as someone here requested i do. but all to no avail.

  Ramification 20:43 19 Oct 2003

does no one have any advice for me? come on guys please! anything to try?!?!
ps: the click here was supposed to say google . com

  VoG II 21:08 19 Oct 2003

click here and follow the "manual removal instructions". Note the additional considerations for Windows ME/XP users - i.e. turn off System Restore.

  the lone cloner 21:40 19 Oct 2003

just noticed your post, you did not specify your os ,if you are xp os then look at there maybe instructions there,look at main article page.

  spruce 22:23 19 Oct 2003

Try this, you are not the only one that has had this problem

click here

  Ramification 23:28 19 Oct 2003

thanks people.
im using xp pro, and when i try to click on the links you put up i just get a blank microsoft explorer popup box. its got worse im sure.

  Ramification 23:32 19 Oct 2003

i got the URL off the properties section of the link! i see lots of D.Ls to do now so thanks! will be back... :)

  powerless 23:33 19 Oct 2003

In that case, try this fix:

Copy this:

http: //

Now paste into your address bar and click go.

  Ramification 09:52 20 Oct 2003

thanks guys, tried everything , ended up following instructions to edit my directory, not sure what was going on, just did the edit and off i went. all sorted now! cheers!

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