HELP ME, Dell inspiron 1000 keyboard problems

  HELP ME!! 18:02 23 Aug 2005

hello, Last september i purchased a dell inspiron 1000. It is running fine.

I acidently broke 3 of the keys on the notebook when a book fell on it of a shelf.

The keys work fine but u have you push on the rubber underneath the original key. The black key itself is fine, but the white support underneath is broken. I have contacted dell and they have qouted me almost the same price of a new laptop, i have had a good look around on ebay and the web. But i cannot seem to find a part of even replacement keyboard anywhere.

Would anyone happen to know where i might be able to find a keyboard or parts?

Thanks Ollie

  DieSse 18:10 23 Aug 2005

For example click here

Put ... dell laptop replacement keyboard uk ... into a google search and have a look around the variuos links.

  DieSse 18:14 23 Aug 2005

If you're anywhere near here click here

  HELP ME!! 18:15 23 Aug 2005

Thanks, unfortunately i have already tried that, but i cannot ever seem to find the inspiron 1000, keyboard. Most of the other laptops are available, but the 1000 seems to be impossible to find. I have looked for the 1200 and the 2200 as well because they have the same case but i have found no luck. Thanks though.

  HELP ME!! 18:19 23 Aug 2005

I had a look at that fixing website, unfortunately they do not cover the inspiron 1000, the list of covered laptops on there website does not include mine :(

  Fingees 18:21 23 Aug 2005

Just a small point, have you tried claiming on your house contents insurance if it was done at home.
most companies entertain this type of accident.
Best wishes

  HELP ME!! 18:22 23 Aug 2005

Also tried that i am not covered for accidental damage. Thanks for the thought.

  DieSse 18:25 23 Aug 2005

click here

USA based but has Inspiron 1100 keyboards

  HELP ME!! 18:31 23 Aug 2005

the 1100 is a different case and keyboard to the 1000.From what i can gather the 1200, 2200 and the 1000 share the same case. thanks though

  DieSse 18:48 23 Aug 2005

click here USA one

For 1200 & 2200 here click here USA

Auction site here click here

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