help me choose please before I crack!

  Aragon2011 18:30 02 Mar 2018

OK, have bought a Chillblast Fusion Bandit but the delivery company seems unable to deliver it until the middle of next week, despite ordering it next day delivery on Monday. I have gone a week without a desktop and it is doing my head in. Alternatively, I can walk into PC world tomorrow and get an ASUS Republic of Gamers G11CD Gaming for £40 less than the Chillblast- reduced by £225 from original extortionate price. To a novice, the specs seem largely completely the same aside from the graphics card. The Chillblast has NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Graphics Card, while the ASUS is 2GB. Could someone knowledgeable please look at the specs and advice on if the ASUS has other benefits and which they would purchase please!

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  Aragon2011 19:00 02 Mar 2018

It wont let me, it thinks the link is spam. Marvellous. Google chillblast fusion bandit gaming PC, click the fusion site and it takes u there. Apologies..

  wee eddie 20:25 02 Mar 2018

Firstly: I don't know if you noticed but it's been a little chilly of late. You should be able to claim any extra paid.

I would be very surprised if anything in PC World was comparable to Chillblast, because of the length of the supply chain

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