Help me choose parts for gaming pc !

  pc-gamer12 21:32 12 Aug 2012

Hi guys,

I have someone who said they can put together a pc for me I just need to get the parts but the thing is I have no idea what to buy ! This is where hopefully you guys come in, could someone please make me a list for a fairly decent gaming pc that would have to work with this resolution 1360x768 and my price limit is £550 ! If anyone could help than that would be great thanks !


  frybluff 07:53 13 Aug 2012

Do I take it you already have monitor? What about other "peripherals" eg keyboard, mouse, speakers, operating system? Do they need to be included in budget, and do you want PC for any other specific tasks, besides gaming?

  pc-gamer12 10:14 13 Aug 2012

No I only want the pc for gaming and yes I already have a monitor, keyboard and mouse and the operating system will have to be included in the budget !


  KRONOS the First 10:55 13 Aug 2012

3550 is not a lot for a gaming rig particularly when you need to include OS and KB/Mouse but I have put together a couple of lists for you to have a look at. I have used Scan and Ebuyer as I use both these stores regularly and know that they offer good customer service if things go wrong.

As you will see one is a little over budget and of course they both can be tweaked to suite your needs.

Click here.

  pc-gamer12 11:51 13 Aug 2012

Thanks, but I didn't make my last post clear enough I need a os but not kb/mouse !

  pc-gamer12 12:25 13 Aug 2012

Also could you update that list please as I need a case also to fit in with the budget please ?

  KRONOS the First 12:55 13 Aug 2012

Try this. Click here.

  pc-gamer12 13:10 13 Aug 2012
  KRONOS the First 14:02 13 Aug 2012

That one has a slower processor, much slower graphics card, rubbish power supply (PSU). A cheap PSU can blow and take the rest of the components with it so I always advise getting a decent one. I am not sure why this PC comes with 16GB of RAM as the seller does not say whether the PC comes wit Windows 7 32BIT or 64BIt, if it is the 32BIt then the PC has 12GB to much ram. if it comes with the 64BIt version of Windows 7 half that ram is plenty for most PC's.

If you are not keen to build yourself that have a look here,another decent company, change the graphics card to a 6850 and you have a pretty nice PC.Click here.

If you decide on the Ebay one I would check on what version of Windows 7 you are getting.

  pc-gamer12 11:19 14 Aug 2012

Could someone please make me a list for £550 or less please it needs to,include everything except monitor, mouse and keyboard.

  KRONOS the First 11:54 14 Aug 2012

I thought that is what I had done or am I missing something here

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