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Help me choose a laptop with these specifications

  beeman321 21:59 01 Feb 2017

I need a laptop for mostly research and entertainment purposes. I use a lot of applications at once, like Chrome, Office, Texmaker, skype, photos etc...My browsing is quite intense as I have multiple browser windows with dozens of tabs open including youtube windows. I dont use my laptop for gaming AT ALL and I also dont do any professional photography or video editing. I just like to watch movies, listen to music, do some heavy surfing and also have a lot of storage for work files, photos, movies, music etc..

I am looking to spend between 900-1000USD. That is converted from Euros as I reside in Europe and I have left some room to pay extra for accidental damage protection as I spilled coffee on my macbook pro :/

Here are my needs but I am not able to find a decent laptop for my budget online:

OS: Windows 10 64bit (Strict preference, I hated my mac because of its OS and had put windows on it) RAM: 6-8 GB Hard-disk: 256GB+ SSD (I have heard SSD is much more efficient, is it true?) Processor: Intel core i5/i7 (6th or 7th gen) 2.2Ghz+ Graphics: Intel / Nvidia (No Preference) Display: 1920x1080 HD Size: 13-15 inch
Touch: No Preference Battery: 3-4 cell Audio: It would be nice if it had surround sound like Dolby Home Theater or something similar as I would use it for listening music a lot.

Please dont suggest Apple Macbook as I dont want to spend extra on buying windows since I didnt have a licensed copy initially. Any other brands are fine: Asus, Dell, Acer, HP, Samsung, Toshiba etc.

I had selected Acer Aspire E15 and Dell Vostro 5568. What do you think about these ones? Can you suggest some Asus models for my requirements?

Please let me know if you need further details Thank you so much for your time

  Archonar 11:45 02 Feb 2017

I don't think you need an i7, it would be overkill unless you want to be doing video editing or something equally as demanding.

Anything you choose with an i5 processor (or an i3 might even be enough), 8gb RAM and a big enough SSD will work so choose one that you think looks good. Read reviews online and see what you think. It's really about personal preference for what you're looking for as you're not looking to have the best performance possible.

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