hoffer80 12:50 04 Sep 2008

Hiya i need some help...

Basically i have a laptop with vista on and up until last week had wirless internet working perfectly through Orange Livebox then my mate updated the software and now it doesnt work!!.

The weird thing is though his two other computers now all work but mine just refuses to connect.

When you look for Networks it can see the box is there..I have put it in pairing mode while i connect and checked and double checked the WEP key and turned off all security but it tries to connect then just says Windows cannot connect to the soo frustrating because it won't tell me why even when I do the repair function it just says try to connect again.

Anyone got any ideas??

gratefully received!!

p.s my mate upgraded the box with new software to make it quicker

as i said his pc and laptop do work but mine and another housemate refuses to work and we are both vista so i think it MUST be a vista problem



  brundle 17:07 05 Sep 2008

Does it work if you connect to the box with a cable? How many computers connected to the Livebox? Check the DHCP pool/scope, it may not have any more IP addresses available to give out.

  dawood 02:46 06 Sep 2008

To make sure it's not the WEP key problem, just do a quick test by disabling WEP or other encryption on wireless router, then you test to connect again. If it works, then there is something wrong on the encryption.. You can also take a look on this wireless adapter configuration in Vista click here

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