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  Rennaissance 21:16 19 Feb 2004

Hello, my computer used to go in a weird standby mode where i can't get out of it and the hard drive seemed to shut down, all hdd activity is stopped. This used to happen rarely. But now it is happening a lot more these last few days it started. Could removing some viruses have anything to do with it as i found four infected files the other day and i think thats when it started happening frequently. Or could there be a hard ware problem, maybe the PSU is not powerful enough so the hdd would shut down sometimes. Im using windows xp pro and all the power settings are set to never, i checked in bios, but i dont know which ones i shouldenable or disable and there doesnt seem to be an option linked to this. Also does anyone know what UPS is as it is not enabled in power management. Thanks in advance for anybodys help.

  dewskit 21:23 19 Feb 2004

UPS is an Uninterruptable Power Supply - a box whixch goes in the mains supply to your computer and will switch over to battery backed supply if the mains fails. I assume the setting in XP powere mangement allows for a controlled shut down in case of power failure saving work before closing down.

Cannot help with the rest of your problem though -aint got any XP xperience!


  Rennaissance 21:25 19 Feb 2004

thats okay, Anyone else got any ideas?

  howard60 21:31 19 Feb 2004

is your system ovedheating? could your psu fan have stopped working? open the case and see if it is running

  explicitlyrics100 21:34 19 Feb 2004

by standby mode do you mean after a period of no activity or do you mean it would go into the mode just randomly while you are using it. If only after it hasnt been used it a while you can turn off the HDD power down in advanced section of power management tab.

  Rennaissance 21:37 19 Feb 2004

hello. it goes into standby while im playing a game. and all my fans seem to be working fine.i have a standard processor fan, a side fan and a case fan at the back. the psu fan is also running. Do you think i should get a more powerful psu. Also this PSU was designed for pentium 4's , do you think this would conflict with an AMD Athlon XP2800?

  explicitlyrics100 21:39 19 Feb 2004

no the processor a psu is deisigned for is irrelevand - most psu's put an extra connetcor on them so they CAN be used with p4's if wanted. What rating is your psu? Does it only happen when playing games?

  Rennaissance 21:43 19 Feb 2004

so far it has only happened when playing games. So maybe the graphics card. My PSU i don't know. When i bought the case from savastore it had a psu and it said rating was 350W, but i looked at the side and it says model 400W, so im a bit puzzled. I run a dvdrw floppy dvd rom and harddrive on it.

  explicitlyrics100 21:47 19 Feb 2004

that sort of processor with a half decent graphics card and hard drive/dvd... could quite easily overpower a 350watt psu. Yes the same happened with my old machine. Sometimes they list the speed as less than stated because the real watt output of a psu is not always equal to the number of watts it takes up... if that makes sense..

  Rennaissance 21:49 19 Feb 2004

my gfx card is a 256mb ddr radeon 9200. do you suggest getting a new psu. Would it matter if i got one quite powerful, say 500W? But i dont get why it is happening so frequently these couple of days.

  explicitlyrics100 21:56 19 Feb 2004

either the psu has got fed up with being overused or there has been a build up of dust. Can you trace the fault back to the exact point at which you removed the virus? or was it just roughly that point? if it was exactly then you can try running sfc (run it by typing cmd in command prompt and then in the popup box type sfc /now - i think thats right)

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