help with mates home computer

  jmh474 12:31 06 Feb 2013

right so my mate has built his own computer and we have come across abit of a problem, we started of with trying to install windows 7 but would not install so i said try changing the ram and HDD still nothing so we tried installing xp on a min spec but just with the ram at only 512mb and it worked so sticking with just changing the ram to 1gb it stop's at the bios screen showing the ram is installed but every time we go above 512mb the computer seem's to stop at the bios every time thanks for any help

  woodchip 20:59 06 Feb 2013

Check BIOS for Speed of ram and or size, I think speed of ram needs setting

  alanrwood 22:01 06 Feb 2013

Have you checked each stick of RAM individually. Maybe one stick is faulty

  xania 09:29 07 Feb 2013

If this motherboard is new, it could be that one of the RAM slots is faulty. How many slots does the mb have and are they set up on pairs?

  jmh474 12:32 11 Feb 2013

well solved the problem turns out the motherboard was NOT new as i thought so got a nice big light and searched over the motherboard and yes i found the problem a part had moved on the board dont ask me how i int got a clue im guessing insufficient cooling so got abit hot lol but resoldered a new part in place and all is fine now reading full ram and running smooth woop woop

  alanrwood 18:48 11 Feb 2013

Well spotted

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