Help lines & call me a sceptic

  Ray5776 19:39 04 Jul 2007

Call me a sceptic if you wish but if you call a help line I find the word to be a misnomer unless it is beneficial to them.
For example I have an AMEX card and trying to contact them if you want assistance verges on impossible but if your card is cloned as mine was this week as soon as you enter your card number Hey Presto a person from their fraud department is suddenly available to speak to me.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:19 04 Jul 2007

I would imagine that they have far less fraud calls than calls for help..all about numbers really.


  Technotiger 20:22 04 Jul 2007

OK - your a sceptic ...

but this should be in Speakers Corner not the Helproom :-)

  Stuartli 20:24 04 Jul 2007

On the very few occasions I've had to contact Visa its staff have always proved very efficient and professional.

In fact it applies to any financial institution's help line I've been in touch with over many years.

Another shining example is Crucial, of computer memory fame.

  Mars Sky 20:40 04 Jul 2007

Ray5776 do what I have just done & go to Tesco for a couple of bottles of Newcastle Brown. BTW your a sceptic ;-)

  keef66 16:26 05 Jul 2007

In the past when I have been having difficulty contacting tech support I have tried sales instead and they pick up the phone instantly!

And I'm a cynic.

Barclaycard are very good though; even phoned me when I was still in bed on Boxing day to tell me somebody was trying to buy stuff on-line with my barclaycard!

  Ray5776 17:03 05 Jul 2007

Yes Gandalf but until they have answered the call they do not know it is fraud related.

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