laptopdunce 10:56 16 Dec 2012

I logged off my Acer 5535 laptop lat night and now it wont fire up at all, the power adaptor is fine, its charging the battery and its nothing to do with my router as I am runing a little netbook in its place, the screen is totally blank and it wont open up the windows XP homepage at all, its totally dead, there is no wifi lamp lighting up, I cant imagine what can be wrong here, these things ALWAYS happen when I am travelling!!! I cant even get any keys to work, its lighting up the battery charging light only! I can feel it getting warm underneath and the fan is working in the HD area,will I be able to retrieve any of the date on the HD and will I need to buy a complete new laptop?? SH*T SH&T SH8T!!! thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  Secret-Squirrel 11:02 16 Dec 2012

This simple tip can frequently work wonders with laptops where the lights come on but there's nothing on the screen:

Disconnect the power-supply plug from the laptop then remove its battery. Finally, hold down the power button on the laptop for ten seconds. Reconnect everything and turn it on.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:29 16 Dec 2012

"I take it you tried it in safe mode....."

That might be a bit tricky because the OP said "the screen is totally blank", "its totally dead" and " I cant even get any keys to work" ;)

  lotvic 12:03 16 Dec 2012

Secret-Squirrel's "hold down the power button on the laptop for ten seconds" that sorts it most times but I always suggest at least 30 seconds to make sure the all the volatile memory and static has been discharged. (same trick works on tv PVR's equipment)

  laptopdunce 14:18 16 Dec 2012

I have taken the battery out (the housing is a bit loose and battery has to be taped in most times but it charges OK) disconnected the power adaptor and removed battery and held down the power on button for more than 30 seconds, then reconnected power adaptor cord ONLY and then pressed power button on and then quickly off, then put the battery back in and turned it on again, and it is showing the power on light and battery charing light but nothing else, blank screen, no keys working, but HD fan working and gets warm, OOOhhhhheerrr!!! I just dont understand how this can have happened overnight, after it logged off OK and I disconnected power at plug last night. Its an ACER 5535 aspire laptop thanks, LAPTOPDUNCE

  lotvic 14:34 16 Dec 2012

If it was me, I would take out the harddrive (to keep it and data safe) then concentrate on getting the laptop to boot up into bios screen. Only when I'd 'mended' it to the stage where it says it can't find an operating system would I consider putting the harddrive back in.

First things to check are connections, have you tried wriggling the lid it might be the hinge cables are loose (it sounds as if the laptop is a bit battered ;0)

  lotvic 14:36 16 Dec 2012

Not got experience with laptop screens, but isn't there a backlight and if it goes then you get a black screen?

  difarn 14:38 16 Dec 2012

Just an observation - can you check the lid closed switch hasn't become jammed - it is usually located near the hinges. Try pressing it in a few times.

Do you have another power adapter? It is possible that a faulty adapter can supply just enough power to light up the power light and a fan but not much more.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:46 16 Dec 2012

Need to determine if its not booting or just screen / graphics

HD fan working and gets warm and sound from hard drive?

tried connecting to an external monitor or TV?

tried removing HDD and see if it boots to error message?

  Procrastinus 15:18 16 Dec 2012

I had a stuck lid switch that caused exactly this problem - simple to check, just wiggle it a bit! Good Luck!

  laptopdunce 15:31 16 Dec 2012

how do I check the lid switch? there doesnt seem to be anything that turns the screen off (my other older Acer has a rubber press down switch that just sticks up from the back, but this one (Acer 5535) only seemos to have hinges on it and no other type of switch, I dont think this the power adaptor as that was working fine yesterday, I dont know how to connect the laptop to a TV set, and dont have all thse extra wire and claptrap for doing that. I think I will have to buy a new laptop really but would like to get the documetns and photos out of this one, its a shabby laptop I have NEVER liked, very shabby Acer crap, battery housing broke after 1 year, My original acer is a wondeful laptop over 8 years old but this one is a horrible cheaply made (spit and cardboard) thing, Thanks laptopdunce

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