help with LAN please

  ZEROTOLERANCE 22:07 30 Jun 2004

i am tring (again) to set up my LAN using a desktop and a laptop, here is the problem


When the cable is connected from the laptop through the router to the LAN cnnctn on desktop the desktop wont connect to the net, however if i just run a x over cable between the two, the desktop can connect, the other problem is, although both puters show the LAN connection as open, niether seems to be able to see the other, this is the same whether i use router or x over cable, and when i try to set up a new network connection using the wizard, it says the cables between puters are disconnected, but they are not!!!!

any ideas anyone

  woodbexhill 22:11 30 Jun 2004

Right. It may seem obvious, but are you running any Firewall software? It sounds rather stupid but my network will not work unless I run Zonealarm and disable the protection, simply not-running it in the first place won't work.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 22:20 30 Jun 2004

i do have sygate and xp firewalls but ive tried it with them on an off but it makes no difference.

  woodt 22:27 30 Jun 2004

What router are you using?

  woodt 22:29 30 Jun 2004

Also its not a good idea to use two software firewalls. I would disable the XP one and stick with Sygate.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 22:36 30 Jun 2004

re firewall .>>i do only use sygate, and router is belkin f5d

You will need to disable XP's firewall to network - it isn't configurable. Your router will use a static IP and provide DHCP resolution, so both Network cards should be set to 'Obtain an IP address automatically'; check that both machines are on the same workgroup ('Workgroup' by default). Your Sygate firewall needs to either be turned off (the router provides basic NAT firewall protection) or configured with a 'trusted' range of IP addresses, to include at least the three being used (router, desktop, laptop). Next step: are link lights on for both ports on the router and both NICs? If not, check cables and card seating. If so, try a Ping from desktop to laptop or vice versa (Start-Run-'Ping Laptop', where Laptop is the computer name), or try Start-Run-ipconfig /all. If you get results, then you are connected, at least through the LAN, and there shouldn't be any problem getting online (in fact you already are....). I assume you've run the CD to install the router, and it is set up with your ISP username and password...

  ZEROTOLERANCE 23:37 30 Jun 2004

ok i pinged and it said reply 3 or 4 times but it doesnt stay up long enough to read it in depth,
didnt get cd with router i bought it s/hand

  ZEROTOLERANCE 23:42 30 Jun 2004


  woodt 23:49 30 Jun 2004

Have you run through the 'Network Troubleshooter' in 'Network Connections'?

  woodt 23:51 30 Jun 2004

Ok but you have installed the software for the Router.

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