Help on kindle fire HD and PS3 wireless connection

  Buccaneer47 14:57 23 Jun 2014

Hi, until recently, having set up an N wireless router on to my home network (Virgin Cable Modem, to a Linksys G router, [1st wireless network] then ethernet cable to switch then to new N router [2nd Wireless Network]. This worked very well until a couple of weeks ago, then suddenly the two Kindles could acquire the network but not access the internet, the same thing also happened with my daughters PS3 machine.

I did the usual of turning the Modem, routers, and switch off, then turning them back on in the following sequence, Modem, Router One, Switch, Router Two. This failed to correct the problem! I know that both routers are accessing the internet by connecting a laptop wirelessly to each in turn. I hadn't changed any settings on either router (the second router has a separate address i.e. whilst the first router is

Any thoughts on what changed or what I need to get these items accessing the internet again?

PS my daughter works 4 nights a week so she stays awake all night when not working and uses her kindle and PS3 in her room overnight.

  Bris 19:39 23 Jun 2014

I had the same problem and noted that the wireless symbol on the Kindle screen had a cross over it which means that you have wireless access but no access to the Internet.

The solution was to turn the Kindle off by holding in the power button for a few seconds and then choosing "shutdown", unless you do this it will go into standby and that wont cure the problem. Having done this then power it back on.

If the above doesnt work then repeat it but first turn off the router then boot up then turn on the Kindle.

  Buccaneer47 18:39 24 Jun 2014

Yes I have tried this again still the same response as before the little x in the corner of the wireless symbol.

Tried the modem, both routers and the switch no response.

  Buccaneer47 14:23 30 Jun 2014

Well, what do you know! It fixed it's self without me doing anything. Well we went to watch a Blu-ray on the PS3 on Friday Night and lo and behold it started to update itself! So we tried the two Kindle's and they both went onto the G and N wireless networks and also found the internet. Who would have thunk (sic) it!

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