Help!! Kaspersky 2012 wont install on my laptop: Keeps saying Removing incomptible applications

  julius44 05:50 29 Dec 2011

Hello and good morning to you all, I purchased a bran new toshiba laptop on sale from argos yesterday, which is here:

As i've already been a great fan of kaspersky for over 5 years, I knew that i would have to remove the Mccafee software that came with it, and so i used the mccafee removal tool, which seeemd to remove ALL traces of mcafee, then i isntalled the malware-bytes free edition, which i know is 100% compatible with kaspersky. I'm a Barclays customer so i get the internet security free for a year for up to 3 pcs or laptops. I thn installed the kapspersky 2012...then it highlighted that there is some incompatible software and that it will remove it but in the box it DID NOT SAY WHAT THE SOFTWARE IS!!! I then click on next and it goes to next screen and says: removing incompatible applications please wait.......

This is as far as I can go. I've used the dedicated kaspersky removal, tool and started again, same problem, and also the mccafee tool again, same problem, (about 6 times for EACH). Still no joy, and I noticed the laptop then freezes, and I have to switch it off from the power switch.

I've installed kaspersky on loadz of psc/laptops for friends and family, and I have kaspersky pure on my desktop pc, and ive NEVER come across this problem before. I have NO idea what the problem is, but I definately wanna get this sorted and install kaspersky as its a product I trust.

Any suggestions please?? As i said before it keeps saying there is incompatible software but it DOES NOT say what the software is, and ive used the kaspersky removal toll, and mccafee remvoal tool again and again!!

Any soltutiosn will be so much appreciated, i have to leave for work shortly but just keep the suggestions coming, i'll be checking for answers and attempt any solutions when i get home from work in the evening thanks!!

  KRONOS the First 06:04 29 Dec 2011

You could try this. Restore the laptop to factory settings, so that you have McCafee back then use this: Pc decrapifier. See if that does the trick.

I thought these days that you had to actually install the rubbish that comes with new PC's yourself, double clicking the exe file to enable installation. Obviously I am wrong. Being a builder do not have this problem with desktops and laptops I tend to completely wipe then fresh install Windows. Pain in the bum though getting a shiny new laptop and then have to go though this rubbish. Hope you get it sorted.

  birdface 06:38 29 Dec 2011

As Malwarebytes was the last program installed maybe remove it completely and try Downloading Kaspersky again.

If that works install Malwarebytes again.

Or maybe try downloading it in safe mode.

It never came with any Norton programs on it did it.

You get a months trial of Revo uninstaller so maybe use that for removing some unwanted programs.

  ICF 07:19 29 Dec 2011

Have you tried This

  KRONOS the First 07:24 29 Dec 2011

ICF, An excellent find.

  mooly 08:07 29 Dec 2011

Seem to remember seeing somewhere that you have to activate McCaffee first before running the removal tool.

I went through all this 12 months ago for a friend with a Tosh laptop from Argos :) although I then put MSE on it.

I would do as Chronus suggests and factory restore.

  julius44 20:10 29 Dec 2011

Thanks all for your help!! Finally sorted, I decided to completely remove malware-bytes from the laptop, even though kaspersky DOES NOT list malware-bytes as in the list of its incompatible software, but its all sorted now and kaspersky works fine, i'm just updating it now.

thank you all for all your help, much appreciated, also pls can anyone tell me how to resolve this topic please??

Happy new year in advance to you all. Jules

  VCR97 20:48 29 Dec 2011

It didn't object to MBAM on my system, but it did get rid of Google Earth! It's probably worth trying a reinstallation of MBAM.

  birdface 20:51 29 Dec 2011


A little grey arrow on the right hand side just click it till it turns green and thats it.

  julius44 05:59 30 Dec 2011

thanks Buteman, but i cant seem to see where this little grey arrow is to resolve my post, sorry am i missing something?

  birdface 07:29 30 Dec 2011

you have to make sure that you are signed in to the Forum then open your thread and across from every reply you will see a grey arrow on the right hand side.I just click on the last one till it turns green.

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