Help! Just bought a CDRW & no cables!

  Boofys Dad 17:20 29 Oct 2003

Forgive me, I have just bought a CDRW (MS-8352A) from Watford Electronics Ltd, and there are no cables supplied. Is this the norm? If so, what cables do I need?
I apologise for being such a Dumbo but I'm new to this and would appreciate any help!

  Falkyrn 17:23 29 Oct 2003

If it is an internal unit it should plug unto the cables already inside the machine.

Check the cable attached to your hard drive there should be a 2nd similar cable there ... if you already have a cd drive this may be attached to the cable.

  Djohn 17:26 29 Oct 2003

If you have another CD drive in your PC, then there will be a spare connector on the IDE cable for you to use. If your present CD drive is set to master, then set your new one to Slave.

You will also most likely find a spare power lead inside your PC to plug into the rear of your drive.

The audio should travel through the IDE cable, but if not, then you can buy an audio cable from any PC shop for a couple of pound or less. j.

  Boofys Dad 17:27 29 Oct 2003

Many thanks for such a swift reply.
Don't I feel a complete eejit!

  Gongoozler 17:27 29 Oct 2003

Hi Boofys Dad. If you bought an oem version you will have saved quite a lot of money compared with the retail version, but quite often the oem will not have any of the bits and pieces retail boxed versions have. You will need to find 4 mounting screws, an IDE cable and an analogue audio cable. But if you are mounting the cdrw drive on the same IDE bus as another drive you won't need the IDE cable, and if you don't want to listen to audio cd's you won't need a cable for that. The power will hopefully come from a spare connector already in your computer. If you don't have a spare, you will need a "Y" power adaptor cable.

  Djohn 17:37 29 Oct 2003

Absolutely not! Perfectly sensible question to ask. j.

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