help ive had my pc hijacked by a dialler

  ozzy 123 21:46 28 Apr 2004

Hi every one thanks for your time.
i think i have been hijacked by a dialler. i say think im not sure what it is because its in foriegn. its attatched a spiderman logo to my toolbar next to the clock and allso to my desktop when i click on it a spiderman and sonic the hedgehog pops up with a load of foriegn writing and it tries to dial out to a number but my panda firewall stops it.
ive looked in add remove programs to try to uninstall it but it isnt there i cant find its location any where to take it off. can any one please help to take it off.
i dont know if it helps but when i right click on the logo planted besides my clock the following options appear. apri,disconetti,dissintalla,esci.
im running on windows xp home.
please help am i in serious trouble.
many thanks ozzy....

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:52 28 Apr 2004

Download Adaware from click here and run it. then turn off your system restore, reboot and turn back on. re-run adaware.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:54 28 Apr 2004

System restore....right click 'my computer', select properties- system restore, tick box to turn off. Reboot, then the same method but UNTICK the box.


  torver 21:55 28 Apr 2004

Hi get on the web and download spybot s&d click here
and also ad-aware click here
they are both free and will hopefully claen out your computer.

  ozzy 123 22:22 28 Apr 2004

Hi ive tried all of your sugestions but the darn thing is still there is there anyting i can do to uninstall it.
thanks again ozzy

  Tree3 22:32 28 Apr 2004

try using avg anti-virus from click here its free and good to use

  farmboy 22:51 28 Apr 2004

Click on internet explorer, at the top, click on tools, then internet options. Then click on connections tab. In the dialup and private network settings, Is there a strange number there which looks like the number thats trying to dialout. There should be one number for your internet service provider. If there is another number click on it, and click on the remove tab to the right.

After that, click on the start button (bottom left), click on the run icon, and type msconfig, then when the window appears, click on the startup tab, and have a look down the list to see if there is anything called the same as this dialler description, if there is uncheck the box, and exit.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:52 28 Apr 2004

have a gander in your add/remove progs.


  farmboy 22:56 28 Apr 2004

I have had this happen to me, i downloaded a free game for my son, and the next day there was an icon on my desktop, called games. I clicked on it thinking i was going to find some more games, but it dialled my internet up and started to charge me premium rate. Do not click on strange icons for the internet, on your desktop, unless you know what its for. Right click on them and delete them.

What is the program called which is by your clock, has the program got a name, if so let us know what its called.

You could also click on start , programs, and have a look for this program, and see if there is an uninstall for it.

If this does not help let us know and well try something else

  ozzy 123 23:07 28 Apr 2004

hi every one tried all your sugestions but its still there is there any thing else i can do without having to completley wipe my hard drive clean. ive looked in internet options and there is no suspect number and when i click on the startup tab, and have a look down the list to see if there is anything called the same as this dialler description, it isnt there.

  farmboy 23:16 28 Apr 2004

Start, programs, accesories, system tools, system restore. Restore the computer to a date that you think the problem was not there. If you cannot remember, Save anything important onto a cdrw, and restore it to the initial restore point.

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