Help- items under \system32 have changed - why?

  Katstar 16:45 22 May 2006

Hi! I wonder if anyone can help me with this...

I ran a scan with AVG the other day after it came up to say I had a virus. When the test results came back, it also said that two things had been changed:

and, C:\WINDOWS\system32\shell32.dll

After removing the virues I searched through forums to try and find out if this was something to be concerned about, and found a comment in reply to someone asking a similiar question that said this was fine.
However, I've just run the scan again, and it's now showing that in addition to the other two, this- C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntoskrnl.exe - has now also changed. Is this something I should be worried about? And if it is, what should I do? As you can probably tell, I know very little about computers, so apologies if I'm asking something stupid...

  remind 16:53 22 May 2006

if you're unsure run a systemfile check
start menu/run, type

sfc /scannow

press return. have your xp cd handy

it will restore any damaged or non-standard system files.

  The Old Mod 06:46 23 May 2006

Hi, I don't think you have anything to worry about, you will see changes like this often. AVG should tell you if there is a virus, so just sit back and enjoy your PC.

  Katstar 10:20 23 May 2006

Thank you! After a lot of googling I had reached pretty much the same conclusion. Thank you both for your help.

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