help is it 256mb or 512mb?

  tex tucker 11:23 08 Feb 2003

i want to install the maximum memory i
can. i have a microstar motherboard MS-6183
the manual says it will support a maximum
of 256mb 64 bit or 512mb 128 bit. i am a
bit confused. any help please. i have a 3
year old p111 450 with 192mb pc100 sdram
running win98se.

  cream. 11:34 08 Feb 2003

tex tucker

64 bit memory is very old sdram and you would be hard pressed to find some.

click here

New sdram and ddram will be 128 bit. So it should be safe to stick either one stick of 512 or add a 256 to your existing bank of memory.

  clayton 13:13 08 Feb 2003

all the memory you need & free delivery

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  PhlipChip 15:25 08 Feb 2003

I am sure I read somewhere that Microsoft do not believe you get any real benefits if you go to 512mb (or is it OVER 512mb). Someone more enlightened may put me right

  cream. 15:30 08 Feb 2003


It is stated as over 512mb for windows 9X.

Usually if you install more than 512 the system starts to go backwards, performance wise.

There is a fix that will let you run up to 768mb of memory for win98se. But is so long a go I have completely forgotten it.

  *mark 16:27 08 Feb 2003

MY Carrera computer has 768mb (333mhz DDR RAM) and runs Windows XP & multiple-tasks considerably faster than my old Multivision with 512mb with the same spec memory.

Curiously, the Multivision 512mb machine wasnt dramatically faster than my old HP Pavillion fitted with 512mb of SDRAM (133mhz).


  cream. 16:37 08 Feb 2003


Windows X\P is totaly different to win 9X.

Windows 9X click here

With X\P you should be able to load up to 3,000Mb of ram and have no adverse effects. If the board can support it. lol

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