HELP I/O device error for Micro Sd card!!

  julius44 21:06 23 Jul 2008

Hello there my friend has brought round her 4GB SD card, and ive inserted it into the card reader on my pc, BUT, the folowing error comes up 'The request could nto be performed because of an I/O DISK ERROR". iS THERE any WAY THIS PROBLEM CAN BE sorted please?? Also is the problem with my pc or the memory card please we inserted another SD card and it was ok.

  grey george 21:25 23 Jul 2008

Was the other card a 4GB, I may be wrong but I think when sd cards started getting above 1GB the addressing system was changed. My old ipaq won't read ones above 1GB. What type of card reader? Is there a update available for it?

  julius44 22:22 23 Jul 2008

Hi there grey george the other 1 was a 1gb one and it was ok, And guess what, ive just inserted a 4GB SD card for my camera, and my pc wont read that either. Do u think there are any solutions for this please??

  grey george 23:05 23 Jul 2008

What system are you using? Is the card reader part of it ot did you buy it as an addition?
If you can identify the card reader you can search for an update also google for info on it.

  julius44 23:27 23 Jul 2008

Hi grey goerge, my system is a dell 5150 pentium 4, Windows XP service pack 3, purchased it in bought it january 2006, if u can guide me to the right website, that would be appreciated, i've google some webistes but they seem to be asking for not sure if this is right. The external card reader is not working either, but just with the 4gb card only, you help woul be much appreciated

  grey george 16:46 24 Jul 2008

The dell site is here
click here
But I think this may be down to the format of the newer cards being fat32 and the old reader using fat16. The majority of threads surgust buying a newer external reader. It may be worth an email to dell support.

  julius44 08:44 25 Jul 2008

Thanks grey goeorge, i did click on the link, and go to the dell webiste, but once there i didnt know which application to clilck on, as i'm not sure which one relates to my usb drives, or what i actually need to click on to resolve the problem, if u can kindly advice me that would be appreciated.

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