Help - Invaded by AntiVir 2010

  MeNovice 20:33 03 Mar 2010

My desktop computer has just been invaded by AntiVir 2010. It is causing havoc with browsers and keep putting up warnings on everything I try to do. In simple terms could anyone tell me how I can get rid of this.

I use Avast which tells me that everything is secured on my computer.


  MAJ 20:35 03 Mar 2010

try these steps. click here

  stlucia 08:09 04 Mar 2010

I've used Malawarebytes (recommended in MAJ's link) for some time now, so I know it's genuine and works.

But the screenshots of Antivir shown in the link are so professionally done that I wonder how anyone with less computer experience is going to be able to tell the difference between a good program (Malawarebytes) and a bad one (Antivir) advertised on the net. Apart, that is, from checking with this site first.

  MeNovice 08:10 04 Mar 2010

Thanks MAJ. Have followed instructions but am not able to continue. When I try to open up the icon on my desktop named Malwarebytes Anti-Malware nothing happens except for AntiVire warnings.
Any further advise and am I at risk whilst AntiVire is causing havoc?
Any advise - thanks.

  MAJ 09:56 04 Mar 2010

"am I at risk whilst AntiVire is causing havoc?"

No not really, it just means you can't use your computer. It's a rogue antivirus/antispyware program. What it's doing is pretending to find loads of viruses on your computer and purporting to repair them if you buy the product. One thing that it does is remove your ability to run exe files, that's why MBAM wont run. As Marg7 says, it might run in Safemode, but I have had mixed results with that approach, sometimes it helps but most of the time it doesn't.

One way to try to fix it is to (if you can) open Task Manager and stop the Antivir process, then try MBAM again. If that works, great, if not we can try something else with which I have had some success.

Which operating system are you using?

  rdave13 10:02 04 Mar 2010

If you're having no success with Malarebytes try going to safe mode with internet connection and download the portable SAS. Run in safemode. Or get it downloaded from another machine on to a flash drive and run in safe mode from the drive.
click here
Reboot to normal mode and run Malwarebytes full scan.

  Diemmess 11:29 04 Mar 2010

Coincidently trying to tackle an identical infection for a friend.
Currently using Superantispyware installed on the pen drive wih the Dell laptop running in safe mode.
Intend to start my own thread for advice in the aftermath, but in case this helps MeNovice:
Malwarebytes wouldn't run!
Superantispyware must be installed on the pen drive first.
Computer must be in safe mode or it crashes to a blue screen.

The current complete scan has now been running for 16 minutes and found 34 threats so far from just over 5000 files so far examined.

  Sea Urchin 11:53 04 Mar 2010

"When I try to open up the icon on my desktop named Malwarebytes Anti-Malware nothing happens except for AntiVire warnings".

You need to try changing the name of the Malwarebytes file before installing it - to fool AntiVir2010 into allowing it to run.

The downloaded file is called mbam.exe so you should rename it (by right clicking) to something else - say mymbam.exe - and then install it.

  mimosa418 12:27 04 Mar 2010

Hate to be a Jonah, but it is highly likely that once Malwarebytes does it job you will be left with many damaged or missing files. You may be better , and quicker, to go in to safe mode and back up your data and then do a clean installation.

  mrmillimetre 14:06 04 Mar 2010

Spybot S&D will remove this nasty piece of malware

download install update and run then use malwarebytes to remove anything left

  Nessie 14:43 04 Mar 2010

had this lovely programme myself and just restored the system till just before my pc was infected, seemed to do the trick

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