Help! Internet speed conundrum?!

  SaraD 14:19 21 Jan 2015

Hi there,

This is probably a stupid question, but I really need an answer. I'm moving to a new house which doesn't have a Virgin line in the street, nor does it have fibre optic BT. It just has a regular BT connection, which they tell me runs at 8 - 18mg. Is this fast at all? I'm using a 30 connection now but on a slowish PC.

I'm a research student so I need a decent connection to read PDF's, articles, etc. I'd also like to actually use Youtube and Twitter without waiting for hours...

Can someone please advise if this will be possible on a speed between 8 - 18mg?

Thanks, R

  john bunyan 15:36 21 Jan 2015

I am on a copper wire service with Talk Talk (only because I was with Pipex years ago. They offer an "up to 8 mbps" service. I have had occasional problems but am now getting 7 - 9 mbps. I find this perfectly ok for browsing and all such including "catch up" in I Player and the ITV equivalent. I prefer not to sign up for a long term contract (On a historic one month rolling one) and if I started again there are few ISP's offering it (I think Zen is the only one) Also I would prefer a uk based help line. Some say Plus net is good. With a decent router you should be fine with the speeds you mention . Do check if your local exchange is "ADSL2" enabled - you can put your line no into a BT search to see and check which ISP's offer ADSL2 (router needs to be capable.

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