Help installing XP drivers for HP PSC

  BackSlash 10:25 16 Nov 2003

Hi. I have recently bought a new PC, running Win XP Home. When I tried to scan something with my HP PSC 750, I got an error, so I tried installing the software that came with it. It was not compatible with Win XP!

So, I went to the HP site and downloaded the XP drivers & software (some 60MB!), and installed it according to the instructions. After a restart, I tried to scan something, but it said HP PSC NOT CONNECTED. I checked cables etc, but nothing. So, I decided to uninstall the software then try to reinstall it.

Now, upon trying to reinstall, I get the error message that there is not enough space on the C: drive, and I should free up 67.13MB, when I know fine there is at least 140GB! (It tells me this when I go to the C: properties in My Computer). What could be the problem?

  plsndrs3 20:21 16 Nov 2003

I run a HP750 all in one with XP Home & recently had some issues - but not like yours. Mine were to do with a worm stopping my spool.exe which has now been corrected.

A couple of points:

[1] I assume that you are using the correct disk -there are 2 supplied; one XP/Macintosh, the other highlighted in red 'no XP'

[2] How did you delete the software? I used the HP own add/remove option and then found that the file was still visible in C>Program Files>Hewlett Packard. I manually deleted these & then used Scrub XP to clear the rubbish out, then re-installed

[3] I assume that you installed the software then attached the HP 750 to the PC?

If I can help any more, let me know by clicking the envelope beside my name. I have an install disk for this all in one that does not need updates to run - on my system at least.



  BackSlash 21:05 16 Nov 2003

It seems we were supplied with different software, as I only have one disc that came with it, and has no mention of Windows XP. Also, after installing the software, there was an icon with 'Uninstall Software' in Start>Programs>Hewlett-Packard>hp psc 700 series>

Perhaps I have bought an earlier edition or something.

Yes, I did install before attaching to psc. The funny thing is, it prints fine, copies fine, but no scan!

Anyway, I've tried all of the steps on the HP website, but no success. I'm away to try getting a new driver off of (usbscan.sys) to see if that solves the problem. I'll get back to you. Thanks for the advice...

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