help installing programs on ubuntu

  coubury 22:15 12 Feb 2008

im a total novice when it comes to linux i just installed ubunta and im having trouble installing software iv read countless articles and forums but still none the wiser

im looking to install kismet i have it on the desktop and the name of the file is kismet-2007-10-R1

how do i go about installing this?


  octal 22:23 12 Feb 2008

Have you had a look in the Ubuntu repository? click here

Most Linux distributions have a repository so it saves you searching the Internet for your favourite program, just one of the great strengths of Linux which makes installing programs easy and secure, because they come from a trusted source.

  coubury 23:29 12 Feb 2008

nah mate i cant connect to the internet

i have a 3 usb modem the setup is.exe

think i need wine are somthing but as i said i cant connect to the internet

(by the way im on a different laptop atm which is xp with net access)

  octal 23:57 12 Feb 2008

If you download the tar.gz package to your desktop and unpack it, there is a readme file that gives instructions of how to compile it. Normally you have to navigate to where you have unpacked it then in root type "./configure" without the quotes then return

Then type "make" return

Then type "make install" return

Then you'll have to edit the config file in /usr/local/etc/kismet.conf

As you see it's not that easy installing Linux programs this way, but seeing as you haven't got an internet connection that is about the only way to install it.

  DieSse 00:52 13 Feb 2008

"nah mate i cant connect to the internet"

Is that your real problem then - do you think kismet will solve this?

kismet already runs under linux, so you certainly don't need Wine (which is to enable windows programs to run under linux).

Have you read the comprehensive instructions on the kismet documentation page?

If you've downloaded a .exe file - then you've got the wrong file - that's a windows executable file.

I have to comment that for a novice linux user, you're starting off with a pretty esoteric program to use IMO. Kismet is not a runnable program in the normal sense of the word - you have to compile it first, as the documentation says.

  coubury 01:00 13 Feb 2008

nah i was on about my three usb modem being a .exe file not kismet

  DieSse 11:08 13 Feb 2008

"nah i was on about my three usb modem being a .exe file not kismet"

You've lost me there.

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