help with installation of 98se

  rod45 06:59 12 Oct 2007

hi, ive got a compaq presario laptop which was running windows 98, i decided to erase 98 and install 98se because this would then let me use flashdrives to transfer information. i managed to format the hard drive but when i try to install 98se it goes all the way through to the last part where it says restart to finish installing windows, then it stops. Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong, i did get it to run in safe mode, but when i shut down and restart it keeps asking for the 98se disc and saying theres files missing. Please help. I only want to use it for an office suite.

  octal 07:29 12 Oct 2007

I've had no end of trouble with Compaq computers installing operating systems. From what I remember 98SE is looking for additional drivers that are specific to Compaq and they have got to be installed before the operating system is installed. What are the files its looking for?

It might be worth checking the HP web site and download the drivers. click here

One other thought, you are formatting in FAT32 and not FAT16? Probably a silly question, but it has happened.

  rod45 07:41 12 Oct 2007

one file it says is missing or deleted is SYSTEM.INI, Being a bit silly could you explain formatting in FAT 32 not FAT 16 would this make a difference and how can i change it if it does

  octal 08:22 12 Oct 2007

SYSTEM.INI is a Windows system file. What disk did you use to format the drive? I would be inclined to go the this site click here and download the proper bootdisk for Windows 98SE and try again.

  rod45 13:07 12 Oct 2007

i used the startup disk which was created when i installed 98se on my other pc

  PO79 13:40 12 Oct 2007

When you formatted did you use the Format C: /s switch that places system files on the HD prior to installing the OS.

  Diemmess 13:53 12 Oct 2007

Ages since I last installed 98SE but I think the startup disk included FDISK and FORMAT which was the order of the day.
You could probably start with FORMAT as long as you choose FAT32


In those days I started with FDISK and the option "Do you wish to use large files Y/N" and chose Y.
This seemed all I needed to do to be sure of FAT32, though unless you have partition troubles you don't need to take my rather longwinded route.

One thing I did find helpful was to copy the CD win 98 folder to a new folder on the HD. Not only did setup go faster but it avoided having to refer to the Install CD thereafter. |Just point to its HD folder and leave the computer to do the rest

Boot using the startup disk
Type C: Enter
at C:> prompt
type MD Win98 Enter
Type CD Win98 Enter... Cursor should say C\Win98:

Put the Windows CD in the slot
copy D\win98*.* Enter (If D is your CD drive)

This should transfer all the files from CD to this folder. When complete ... Simply
setup and Enter.

With a following wind all should install as normal, Unless I've made a syntax error!

  Stuartli 13:53 12 Oct 2007

Once you have 98SE properly installed, don't forget the Unofficial 98SE Service Pack (which will bring it as up to date as possible) from:

click here

  rod45 14:04 12 Oct 2007

i did FDISK and erased the partition but it would not format so when the A: command came up i typed FORMAT C:/S and it worked after that and went all the way through until the final restart then it froze on starting where it says configuring windows and continuing to load

  Diemmess 16:44 12 Oct 2007

At the risk of repeating what you may already know -

If running fdisk, you first have to delete all/any partitions already on the disk.
Then once the program announces "There are no partitions on this disk", you make a new one. Accept the default if you only want one, and then "Make this partition active"
Reboot (with floppy in place)

Now use format c: and
Reboot (with your Windows CD),

or the floppy if you want to try the copy to HD - and SETUP from HD Win98 folder (as earlier).

This last method avoids missing any crucial codes if the CDROM is not 100% and is handy should Win98 ask for the cd from time to time.

  rod45 08:05 13 Oct 2007

thanks but still getting no further there seems to be different ways of doing it and im probably making a mess of it could do with a walkthrough from start to finish a lot to ask i know but i dont seem to be getting anywhere.

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