help to install programs etc to 2nd hard drive

  march 11:37 25 Jul 2006

Have got a second hard drive & want to install everything I have got on first computer onto this second hard drive, click here
hope that works!)
I have an original restore cd & floppy from computer 1, that wipes everything clean, so thought all I would have to do is insert & follow instructions for restore.
When I did this I got as far as press ‘y’ to continue with restore, then got

Error#96 the image you are attempting to restore is not valid on this machine.

Can I overcome this? (will need very basic instructions!, I was intending to restore & install software at my leisure over days & weeks.)
Have got the cd keys etc to install. Any help advice appreciated.


  Graham ® 12:17 25 Jul 2006

A little confusing :-) Do you have 2 computers? If you're not careful you will wipe your current hard drive and lose all your data.

Assuming you want to fit a new hard drive in one computer as slave, you will have to set the jumpers.

Once installed, and Windows can see it, you will have to format/partition the new drive.

Then you can copy the old drive across.

  FelixTCat 12:46 25 Jul 2006

It is possible to do what you want without affecting your original installation at all, with only one provision: your BIOS must allow you to choose which hard drive to boot from.

If your BIOS allows you to do this, then install your new drive into the computer; I wold recommend that you set up 3 partitions for system, programs and data.

Next, go into the BIOS and tell it to boot from that new drive. Of course, it cannot, because there is no operating system, so all you have to do is install the operating system on what is now the C: drive (the first partition on your new drive). Once installed, on rebooting you will find that the new drive will have C;, D: and E: partitions and your old drive will show up as the next drive letters (say, F:, G: and H:)

Your old programs will not run, so you can install any programs you like (or none); note that you will still be able to access any data on your old drive (except, possibly, your emails, depending on your email client).

When you want to go back to your old system, go into the BIOS and tell it to boot from your original drive. Your original partitions will then show up as, say, C;, D: and E: and your new drive as F:, G: and H:

It is a useful way of having a system for testing new software or setups with the advantage that even if you pick up viruses, spyware etc on the new setup you can reboot to the old one and start again.

If you have the software to do it, take a disk image of the new setup in its most basic form. If you want to scrub it off and start again, it is easier and quicker to load a disk image than reinstall an operating system.



  march 12:49 25 Jul 2006

sorry for any confusion, trying to install wins98se not on 2computers but 2hard drives & want to install on 2nd hard drive the same programs etc as first hard drive so therefore I will have 2hard drives set up exactly the same ready to plug in in case of breakdown etc. have got all cd's & product keys. (hope thats a bit clearer.)

  Wak 13:56 25 Jul 2006

Hi, March, I have Win 98SE and do exactly what you want to do, i.e. Clone my C:\ drive to my D:\ drive using the FREE program XXCOPY.exe from click here.
My main drive is a 40GB split into two x 20GB partitions (C:\ and E:\) and my second drive (D:\) is a straight 20 GB.
Every 10 to 14 days or so I clone the C;\ drive to the D:\ drive so that I have a perfect copy of the operating system, registry, programs and data. In case of any problems I simply clone the D:\ drive back on to the C:\ drive and I am back to square one.
I split the main drive to C & E using a FREE Acronis program which gives you a boot menu and partition management.
The new D:\ drive was formated and the MBR (Master Boot Record) was installed on it.
To clone the C:\ drive to the D:\ drive you just go to START/ Programs/MSDos prompt and then type

xxcopy C:\ D:\/clone

Click Enter and everything is copied over to the D:\ drive. You can then clean up any rubbish from the C:\ drive to ensure it runs as new.

It's quite some time since I installed this so I could have missed out the odd point but it all still works fine.

Hope this helps.

  march 14:01 25 Jul 2006


Thanks for the reply; I’m afraid I didn’t explain very well to start with.

The hard drives are separate & I want to set them both up the same with, win 98se + programs etc then put one away in storage & if the hard drive I am using breaks down for any reason I can just simply plug in the spare.

Only got one keyboard, modem, speakers, printer, scanner, so I thought I could just put in the restore disc & floppy & do a fresh install etc onto the second hard drive & that would be ok.

Sorry if I confused anyone & hope above is a bit clearer.

  march 14:22 25 Jul 2006

apologies yet again! I really do feel dumb!

I've been saying hard drive when I mean that I have been given a complete desktop. (I know; I know; I'm a idiot, very sorry to you all)

  Graham ® 14:58 25 Jul 2006

No problem. Is there an operating system on the 2nd computer, and will it boot up OK?

  FelixTCat 15:16 25 Jul 2006

Never mind; it's actually easier with a completely separate desktop. All you have to do is install Windows (if not already installed) and then install all the other programs.

To keep the 2 machines in step, you will have to either network them or set up a rigorous process of copying all the data from one to the other. It's not difficult but it must become a routine. Depending on how much data, you can use floppy disks, CDs, memory sticks or anything else you fancy; you could even get an external hard drive to do it, though that is probably overkill.



  Graham ® 15:29 25 Jul 2006

Two problems as I see it:

The restore CD may be specific to a manufacturer, which would explain the error message in the first post.

march only has one keyboard, and probably one monitor.

It could be the only way to do this is to fit the 2nd hard drive in the 1st comp.

  march 16:25 25 Jul 2006

Graham ® yes other desktop has office2000 & boots up fine

my restore cd&floppy is an orginal tiny wins98se one

I put the connecting plugs&wires etc into the second desktop ran the restore cd&floppy to start afresh & thats when I got the message;
Error#96 the image you are attempting to restore is not valid on this machine.

so what I want to do is install from the tiny cd/floppy to the 2nd desktop for the scanner, printer, speakers,keyboard,then install winds98 & programs etc but I'm assuming that its not that simple because as you say 'The restore CD may be specific to a manufacturer'?

thanks for your patience everyone

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