Help! I'm receiving someone else's mail.

  mother inferior 15:29 09 Aug 2003

My other half and I share Outlook Express and have 4 identities altogether. The problem is that I am receiving all of his mail in my inbox (he also receives it). Our e-mail accounts don't even use the same server - his uses the mail account tied to his ISP and mine is from my business website. The other two identities are unaffected.

Could this be anything to do with problems we had recently with our ISP (virgin24/7)? Virgin had us adjust some connection settings and this is when the problem started. The password verification notice is also shown twice on dial-up.

Please help :)

  powerless 16:07 09 Aug 2003

Have you setup the message rules correctly?

  mother inferior 16:17 09 Aug 2003

We have no message rules set.

  powerless 16:25 09 Aug 2003

Ok, as you have 4 identities, then i'm guessing that both of the email accounts are on your two identities?

Note the details down and delete the one you do not want.

His on yours and yours on his (that make sense?)

If when you delete the account, if the account is also deleted on the other identities then recreate the account and then you'll have to do the message rules thingy...

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