Help, im confused?

  [DELETED] 16:46 27 Mar 2006

click here

if you find out how to get to the next page please post!

you have to change it to GIF i think?

i used paint, and saved as gif. and nothing has really changed???

  [DELETED] 16:56 27 Mar 2006

I wish that your title had been more descriptive of the problem then I wouldn't have bothered looking!

  [DELETED] 17:04 27 Mar 2006

Could this be yet another post that doesn't belong in here?

  [DELETED] 17:07 27 Mar 2006

click here
the answer to your puzzle or not!!!!

  [DELETED] 17:09 27 Mar 2006

what? lol i was looking at other peoples and i couldnt work out this one, so i thought i see if you guys could?

why are you guys all being nasty????

  [DELETED] 17:13 27 Mar 2006

Not nasty spex just misguided when they open the link i am sure they will understand whats going on......

  Legolas 17:41 27 Mar 2006


  alB 17:50 27 Mar 2006

All I keep getting is..Sorry, this GeoCities site is currently unavailable.
The GeoCities web site you were trying to view has temporarily exceeded its data transfer limit. Please try again later.

Are you the site owner? Avoid service interruptions in the future by increasing your data transfer limit! Find out how.

Learn more about data transfer.

Complete waste of time really ...alB

  [DELETED] 17:51 27 Mar 2006

I'm sorry Spex I have no idea what you are talking about, the link you provided seems to take you to a picture of a jigsaw with a bit missing. What does that mean? What am I meant to do or say? You were looking at what? Where?

  [DELETED] 17:55 27 Mar 2006

Oh just seen SANTOS7s link its some sort of puzzle game you've created. Why didn't you just post in your other link, at least then I would have had a clue about what you were on about.

Think about it, if you hadn't seen the other posting would you have had a clue what it was about?

  [DELETED] 18:08 27 Mar 2006

i found someone esles puzle game and im stuck on that 1!!!!!!!!!!!!

highlight the clue!!!!!!

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