help im a beginer

  rossyboy11 18:29 14 Feb 2005

i want to no how to make a website and wat with and can some 1 tell me a cheap domain seller plz and i need to no wat software to use wen making it....

i also tried to make one with blueyonder and usein front page but blueyonder had a problem with there end and sed it will be fixed within 24 hours but to this day it still aint workin and that was a year ago???
any sugestions

keep it simple im only 11

  spuds 18:48 14 Feb 2005

rossyboy11-- I would have a look in your local library, if you have one nearby.There should be a number of books possibly available, and the staff should be able to help direct you to other sources available. Your school may have a teacher who could give you further help and advice. Purchasing a domain is very easy,but I would suggest that you get a parent to assist you, before you make any decisions. Have a look at this company, they are one of the cheapest to register a domain click here

  rossyboy11 18:58 14 Feb 2005

thanx spud
can u help me in wat software i can use

i have been on the 1 u have suggested and its great but wat software shud i use..
i have been told to use dream weaver
is this a gd choice?

  spuds 19:22 14 Feb 2005

rossyboy11-- Dreamweaver is very good,but it is not the programme to begin web design for a novice. I would suggest that you download this free programme WebPlus 6.0 from Serif, and have a play around. I know that it may be difficult to start with, but it could give you some experience to web design click here

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