Help I'm on AOL get me out of here!

  L plate marky 16:37 11 Aug 2004

Previous problem returns. Disconnection from AOL bb every 5 minutes. Rebuilt adaptor, repaired connectivity, uninstalled and re installed connectivity, turned off all power saving facilities. Nothing helps. AOL say I should uninstall reinstall drivers for modem. I have downloaded Bt voyager 100 drivers and was told to go into Doctor which tells me I have to be an administrator.

  L plate marky 16:42 11 Aug 2004

Soory I had to break off as I was near my 5 minute deadline! I'm on xp with a Dell 2400.

Please someone out there make sense of all this.

Clean on anti virus (updated constantly)

Clean on anti spyware Ad aware se 1.02 and Spybot.

I have to go to work and will check responses when I can.


  picklesy 16:55 11 Aug 2004

i had same problem,what i done was ran an aol bb check then checked my telephone line i found my filter was not connected directly to the bt socket i corrected this double clicked on the aol icon aol started some thing flashed accross the monitor it was to fast for me to see what installed,sorry if this is,nt much help but that is exactly what i seems with aol it is very important that your dsl filter is connected directly to your bt wall socket not an extension,like a few of my friends get away with.i done this about 4 or 5 weeks ago and(touch wood)i have had no problems.

  L plate marky 17:02 11 Aug 2004

I have the filter on the end of a 5 metre extension line. Up until recently I had no problems. Did you find that problem right from the start?

  L plate marky 17:10 11 Aug 2004

Just on the subject of phone lines do you only need filters on the sockets connected to something? ie phones or Sky

I have 2 which are not connected to anything so I didn't see the point in connecting a filter to them.

  picklesy 17:27 11 Aug 2004

i had my filter connected to a an extension lead aol would work ok for sometimes weeks then start doing what yours is the filter as far as i know you need the filter connected directly to the phone box on the wall and any other ones that are attached to the wall not at the end of the i would suggest that you put your filter directly into the bt wall socket.because my pc is to far away from wall socket i had to buy an rj11 extension cable.if you can move your pc close to the bt wall socket and see if this sorts it i said it worked for me.good luck.

  Diemmess 17:48 11 Aug 2004

1) Plug a filter directly into the master socket.
Plug your RJ11 modem data lead into this filter. This lead should not be longer than 10 metres.
(Best practice to use one continuous lead of correct length and not try extending an existing one. The connectors can be very lossy. ...........It is a mistake to take a long lead from the master socket before a filter. If your computer normally is an extension lead away from the socket, thats OK if you put the filter in the socket and run your phone as usual, but the RJ11 lead (not more than 10M long) from the filter as well

2) Use a filter plugged into each and every socket where there is a phone or fax etc.

Seems no need to use a filter on any empty socket.
In fact it helps to test for dud filters by unplugging everything except the master socket to be sure BB is running as it should before tidying up.

  L plate marky 17:48 11 Aug 2004

Thanks for your help. I'll try changing the filter, but I wonder do I need to put filters in the other phone sockets not in use? It would them them with just the filters dangling out of them.

  Graham ® 17:54 11 Aug 2004

If the BB modem is USB, check there is nothing else connected to the second port on the same hub.

  picklesy 17:58 11 Aug 2004

if you don,t have a phoe plugged into the other sockets you don,t need a filter in diemmess says if a phone or fax is plugged into another socket put a filter in first.hope you get there it took me weeks to suss this out.

  livewire 18:27 11 Aug 2004

I have tried all 3 BT Voyager modems:
50,100 and 105. They all have problems!

Unfortunetly, you are yes with AOL the provider which provides the worst customer service. They dont just bark up the wrong tree- they bard up the wrong forest!

I would suggest:

Purchasing a USB Self Powered Hub
Downgrading to AOL 8 (Seems to hold connections better in my expierece)

Also, AOL have problems with many leading USB Contoller brands including: VIA, SIS, Intel and AMD. A Lucent chipset seems to solve any problems relating to the ADSL modem disconnecting becuase of USB problems.

Otherwise, if at all possible consider changing Broadband providers.

Sorry to hear you choose AOL!


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