help on IDE driver needed

  the lone ranger 18:33 29 Jul 2004

I`ve just installed a brand new DVD-Rom drive (which was very simple to do)but my Win XP home edition is having problems with the driver for it.
It has been recognised as there is a yellow exclamation mark next to it in Device Manager. I`ve un/re-installed the driver several times with no avail. The product handbook tells me to update the motherboard IDE controller drivers but don`t know the m/board manufacturer. I have and AMD processor with a K7S8X. 3.0 board.(info courtesy of Belarc advisor)
Can anyone help.

  Strawballs 18:41 29 Jul 2004

Go to google and put in sisoft sandra in and download this software and run it and it will tell you everything that you will need to know about your system

  Dorsai 18:49 29 Jul 2004

It's made by Asrock it seems

click here

for the relevent place for it, i think

  Dorsai 18:51 29 Jul 2004

Just click 'cancel' when IE6 asks the stupid question about chinese characters. it works fine without.

  the lone ranger 20:03 29 Jul 2004

Thanks guys for your help but my problem is still the same.
That Sandra programme is excellent and it`s now telling me to update the BIOS which I`m scared to touch. Is this as scary as I imagine. I`d say I was a intermediate on PCs so can follow instructions quite well.

  Dorsai 20:16 29 Jul 2004

A bios update is not a thing i have ever done. Over to the big boys.

  the lone ranger 20:18 29 Jul 2004

Thanks but I`m just about to open another thread on it.

  the lone ranger 21:02 29 Jul 2004

I`ve installed a SiS AGP PCI to PCI bridge (whatever that is)driver from the asrock site but my DVD Rom is still working. Sob Sob!!!

  the lone ranger 21:02 29 Jul 2004

that shou;d be 'not' working

  woodchip 22:04 29 Jul 2004

This is where you should be looking as the MOBO is a Asrock click here
You need to know what chipset is on the board or click here

  Strawballs 00:51 30 Jul 2004

If you have a mobo handbook it will give you a step by step rundown on bios update if not download one from the asrock site put a floppy in the drive go to my computer right click floppy icon go to formatt then go to create boot to msdos disc then goto asrock site download awdflash then latest bios for your board then re-boot with floppy in the drive and follow instructions in handbook and pray that you don't get a power cut halfway through.

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