Help, I’ve fried my motherboard

  Red Flag 09:16 16 May 2003

When I turned my computer back on after putting some more memory in it there was a hissing noise and some smoke! It looks like one of the transistor/diode things near the memory slot has short circuited and a scorch mark is clearly visible on it. My computer now doesn’t work and I guess I need a new motherboard.

I happy enough to build a computer as I built this one (which I’ve also just killed!) but need some advice on motherboard selection.

My existing basis of my setup is:
Gigabyte GA7DXR motherboard
2000XP Athlon cpu
2 x 256 DDR SDRAM PC2100 EC Registered memory
and I was trying to add a 512mb module of ram when I killed it.

When I originally built the computer it was around the motherboard and getting the parts to fit it. Now I have to do it the other way round and would like some help to ensure that I get a new motherboard that all my exiting bits work with.

I am not interesting in overclocking anything so a jumper less board would be acceptable and don’t need raid. I could do both of these with the GA7DXR and never did.

Please help.

PS. I am assuming that all parts other than the mobo are okay and if they are broken I will just have to bite the bullet and remove them as well.

  jeez 09:29 16 May 2003

was the ram correct for the mobo, if so you may have a claim against the company that sold you the ram, if it was the ram that was faulty. If I were you I'd take the base unit and all the ram to where you bought the 512mb module and say when I put this in it fried my mobo, what are you going to do about it?, hey it's worth a try.

  jeez 09:32 16 May 2003

this is a truly excellent board, even if you don't want to overclock click here

  Red Flag 09:45 16 May 2003

Its my fault that the board fried and I'll have to live with that, nice idea though.

Will 4x AGP graphics cards would with 8x AGP slots?

  jeez 09:47 16 May 2003

yup, there backwardly compatible, and at least you'll have the 8x for the future

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