Help I think computer has been attacked

  charlton200 16:11 31 Jan 2012

Hi could you help me please.

I have just had a call from a friend who has had a call from an Indian person who said she had many virus's on her computer. They got her to open something and download something to show how many viruses and errors there are. Then they wanted her to sign up to a virus package. She didn't but they are ringing back latter. I have told her this is a scam and told her not to use computer till I find out more and the dangers. Am I right this is a scam? What can be done about what they have download onto her PC. She said the company was PC doctor, but in my serching i have found virtual PC doctor which i expect is a scam company. I am right?

She doesn't understand the danger with computer and is now worred and I'm not sure what to advise.

Thanks for any help.

  markd71 16:34 31 Jan 2012

Disconnect from the Internet ie. switch off router., run malwarebytes and a virus scan & see what happens

  Diemmess 16:36 31 Jan 2012

This may help, is free and wont screw anything up.


Any snag is the distance between you and your friend.

Better she stays off the net for the time being and best of all download the file on to a pen stick if you have one, or any portable memory device. Start her computer into safe mode connect the memory device you have made and install Malwarebytes onto her computer.

The simply run it and hope the rogue program is found, it will be quarantined awaiting you decision to delete the file and its naughty bits!

  spuds 16:36 31 Jan 2012

Its a scam, sometime they state that they are attached to Microsoft.

Just get your friend to run any security or protection programs that she had previously installed, and see if they pick anything up.

If the call centre rings back, try to get their details. Even their bank account number for a debit or credit card payment might help. Whatever your friend does, tell her not to give any of her details to them.

  charlton200 16:57 31 Jan 2012

Thanks for replies.

Is there any danger that her PC would be remote controlled and keylogged if she used it. With the dangers of ID theft. I have told her not to use it before I find out more.

  spuds 17:12 31 Jan 2012

What operating system is she using. You might find a remote in there, that wants un-ticking, if she was asked to tick it by the call centre!.

  onthelimit1 17:19 31 Jan 2012

If she looks in downloads, she should be able to see what programme was downloaded. If she uninstalls that, that should reduce the chances of them interfering.

  charlton200 17:45 31 Jan 2012

I think she is on windwos 7

  onthelimit1 17:57 31 Jan 2012

In windows 7, Control Panel, System, Remote Settings and untick 'Allow remote Access'

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