Help - I have just turned my start button off !!!!

  Never again 22:55 04 Jul 2003

I was just reading a thread about unneccessary programs running and using system resources, so I decided to run msconfig, startup and untick any "extras".

Now my start button is an egg timer whenever I hover over it.

What have my stupid brain and fingers done and how do I remedy it.

They say a little knowlegde is a dangerous thing, and I cetainly have only a little knowledge !

  Never again 22:58 04 Jul 2003

OOOPs - my pc just froze, and I did a cntrl-alt-delete and my control panel was not working, and therefore I ended task and now everything seems to work.

I'm going to call it a day and amputate my fingers.

sorry for the false scare (I hope)

  Quiller. 23:18 04 Jul 2003

Ah. You have managed to reach the " amputate my fingers." stage.

What about the " wish I'd gone to bed 3 hours ago" stage

or the " this computer is going out the window if it won't start this time"

We always do it " I am never, ever going to put another cover disk into this machine"

The all time favourite " It was working fine, why did I have to mess with it"


  VoG II 23:25 04 Jul 2003

Press the Windows key to bring up the Start menu.

Then get yourself rapidly to System Restore!

  Steven135 23:25 04 Jul 2003

I can predict when my computer will go into fits always following these words: "I wonder what will happen if I do this..."

  faichfolds 23:31 04 Jul 2003

Lets have a quick fiddle. I know it's not broken but it's fun, in a sick kind of way!!

  Never again 23:35 04 Jul 2003

Now I know that I'm not alone

Thanks everyone

  Quiller. 00:07 05 Jul 2003

We all have our security blanket.

The thing we cling onto when things turn sour.

Our true friend who rarely lets us down.

Our boot disk.


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