HELP I have deleted the wifes photo from my camera

  keith-236785 17:50 12 Mar 2004


As the title says, im in deep trouble....
i took a couple of photos of my wife and the kids on my Fuji A202.

then in my wisdom, i decided to format the camera's picture card.

now i need to get them back pronto or im sleeping outside tonight....

i have seen a thread on here about this before but searching didnt find it, if anyone has any ideas or knows the link to the earlier thread then it might just save my life..............

thanks in advance

  okijuh 17:59 12 Mar 2004

I think it may well be lost for good but there is probably software you can buy to recover it, you better hurry up and do your research haha. Sorry i shouldn't laugh

Sounds as though you are in trouble, but if it helps here is a photo of my better half that may here

  keith-236785 18:07 12 Mar 2004

gee thanks, thats just dug my hole a little deeper, the wife was watching when i opened the picture. Smiffy99 at least it will give you a laugh...............

anyone know a good divorce lawyer.

  roy 18:11 12 Mar 2004

See if this helps

click here

  Jim Suter 18:16 12 Mar 2004

I always blame the cat or kids. It's always worked for me!!

  keith-236785 18:22 12 Mar 2004

Thank you so much, this little program recovered 47 photo's including the one i wanted.

once again thanks

  roy 18:23 12 Mar 2004


  mole44 18:27 12 Mar 2004

well you should now have bonus browny points paperman27

  keith-236785 19:26 12 Mar 2004

Yup, wifes talking to me again...........don't know if thats good or bad but at least i wont be in the garden tonight.

  dotterel 19:42 12 Mar 2004

It's obvious that you're not married. You NEVER get brownie points for correcting your own cock-ups.....

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