help! i can't turn off my computer!! it's alive!

  lorih 02:47 26 Jul 2003

hi all
wondering if anyone's had a problem where they can't shut down their computer before?!

I'm running on windows XP and and recently got my motherboard replaced. now whenever i go to Start>Shut Down>Turn off computer, it just reboots everytime. I even tried turning off the main button (the one that reboots it on the casing itself) and it still comes back on!

The only way to turn it off is at the power supply.

Anyone know anything?

Thanks a mil


  whybe 03:02 26 Jul 2003

Have you been able to shut it off since the motherboard change? If not I'm sorry but we'll have to wait for the techy people. I have xp pro and sometimes it just stops at saving settings. I have to use the reboot button on the case but I have to fully start up xp ie sign on through the user name screen give it a minute and go through the shut procedure again. It usually works.

  hugh-265156 03:07 26 Jul 2003

was windows reinstalled after the mobo change?

  -pops- 06:17 26 Jul 2003

Try this:

RIGHT click on a blank area of your desk top and click Properties. Click on Screen Saver (yes, that's right)and then Power where is says Monitor Power. Where is says Power Schemes, check what it is set to and if it says Always On, change it to something more appropriate. You could also look under the other tabs to give you an idea of what to alter it that doesn't do the trick.

  powerless 06:21 26 Jul 2003
  VoG II 08:54 26 Jul 2003
  AubreyS 09:05 26 Jul 2003

Try going to... Control Panel > Power Options > APM > Then put a tick in the Enable Advanced Power Management Support box. It worked for me.

  DieSse 09:33 26 Jul 2003

To turn it off from the front panel, press and hold the power switch for at least 6 seconds.

  ellas 14:30 26 Jul 2003

did you fit the mobo,have you had a look in the bios to see what the settings are in there.

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