Help, i can't open folders properly

  Amubis 20:30 28 Jan 2003

While changing file icons in windows XP as i often do i decided to try and change the standard windows folder icon, it didn't work this isn't much of a problem but what is a problem is that for some reason the standard commands for folders (i.e. 'open' and 'explore') where deleted and the default set to 'find'. So every time i opened a new folder the search folder would open instead, i tried to remedy this by re-entering the 'open' command manually (simply telling windows to use explorer to open the folder) and setting this as the defualt. This kinda works, but each folder opens in a new window :@ (even tho XP is set to open new folders in there parent folders window)and whats worse off i can't delete or edit the new 'open' and 'explore' commands i entered :@. If someone knows what the defualt settings are for windows to open folders properly and/or can help me reset the folder commands please respond :).

p.s. i tried system restore but it didn't work :@

  spikeychris 20:35 28 Jan 2003

Have you tried last known good config from startup? hit F8 whilst booting..


  Amubis 20:40 28 Jan 2003

...well i tried system restore but the restore point failed, so that didn't work. i'll try what u said but i don't think it'll work as my problem will not be recognised as a bad configuration it'll just restore my computer to the same configuration, its just a slight anoyance, but how anoying it is :P. Thanks for the help, but what i really need is a nerdy approach :).

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