Help!. I Accidently Saved A File Over An Important

  [email protected]!nD 17:31 26 Mar 2003

Help! I was working on notepad, then saved what i wrote in a hurry. By saving I mean that I saved what I wrote under an existing file and I accidently clicked on yes when Windows asked if I wanted to write over the existing file. Is there any way I can retrieve the old file which originally had the filename as I have very mportant information stored in that file.

Any help much appreciated!

  Megatyte 17:44 26 Mar 2003

If you just ADDED text to the original file then the original information will still be there.


  DieSse 17:45 26 Mar 2003

There is no way you can get it back once it's overwritten.

  [email protected]!nD 17:50 26 Mar 2003

i over wrote the file

is there another alternative please I'm pretty desperate......?

are there not any programs which can recover ?

  DieSse 18:15 26 Mar 2003

No - it's irrecoverable.

  Djohn 18:44 26 Mar 2003

I think that what DieSse says is correct, and it's lost for good, but, and it is a big but! If you go to start/programs/documents, and find that the document is shown there as a recently used document, then click on it from there.

It will try to find the original document, but wont, and it will instead find the altered document that you saved. Now the tricky bit, it may say, "File not found, do you want to revert to the original file" Click on yes and say a little prayer. It's the only thing I can think of. Good luck J.

  Pesala 09:16 27 Mar 2003

There are some tools available that might recover at least some of the data from an overwritten file. Try these free tools for example:

click here

  vaughan007 09:33 27 Mar 2003

go to this thread

click here

There are tools to recover deleted files. I dont want to recommend one because I dont know how good they are. But if you are desperate give it a go.

Search for "undelete" or "file recover" or "recoving deleted files" on google and take your pick at the trial/freeware software available.

I think the file will still be on your disk drive somewhere.

Hope this helps.

  Aspman 09:41 27 Mar 2003

I think DieSse is right. If the file had been deleted then recovery tools would probably work. But this has been overwritten.

Sorry mate I think its gone. If its REALLY important you could try to speak to some of the data recovery companies but you could be hundreds if not thousands if it is possible at all.

  vaughan007 09:51 27 Mar 2003

I still think the file will be in there somewhere. When you over write a file like you have with the same name it is not necessarily written on the same part of the hard drive, meaning your original file or at least some of it still exists.

But it is possible that windows has written over the same part of the drive with this new file or any other files.

I suggest you keep Hard drive activity to a minumum until you have attempted a recovery. This will reduce the chance of writing over the same part of the drive and making the file VERY hard to get back.

I still suggest you give some recovery software a go.

Lets hope "Tog" sees this post. I think he will be able to help you or at least give you an idea of how likely you are to get your file back.

  anchor 10:04 27 Mar 2003

I have just done an experiment.

I opened a file, made some changes, and saved it about an hour ago, (by overwriting it).

I have a copy of PC Inspector file recovery, and found that I could restore the old version.

It is free, so why not try it.

click here

It will inform you of the condition of the file, and thus you can judge if it will be of use.

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